Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love is not jealous

I found this exercise easier than other exercises. Today’s exercise was to throw out the negative list and show appreciation to my DH for a success he recently had. I’m always proud of my DH when he accomplishes something he set out to do so I happily took on the challenge.
He recently received a gig he had hoped to get. I was very proud of him and gave him a hug.
Did I find it hard? No. Did I find it hard to let go of the negative? No.
How can I encourage future successes? I suppose being supportive and patient with him will help. I also encourage him when he shows great interest in something even if it is something that I may wary about.
How do I feel after this exercise? I’m very proud of my husband’s accomplishments and flaunt them. It was nice to perform an exercise that wasn’t as difficult for me to perform.