Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everything is new

BG is 4 Months, 2 Weeks and 4 Days.
BG has changed her sleep routine. According to the books, this is normal around this time. She started with sleeping from 7-9pm then 10:30pm-7am. Now she fluctuates between 7-9pm then 12-9am and 8-1am then 2-4am then 5am-8am. Obviously, her parents prefer the first two patterns but we get what we get.
We’ve gotten a few new milestones which is nice. She’s touching her toes and holding them more. She’s also grasping at objects. She has a set of links that makes for a great rattle and teether for her that she loves to play with. She accidently passes it back and forth between her hands. Her dad also places it on her rotating swing and she likes to grab it as it rounds its way around to her right side. She looks like a she’s holding onto the old fashioned handles on subways and buses. She is so strong, she’ll interrupt the motor from rotating. It’s very cute.
She’s also speaking more. She’ll happily spend some time babbling up a storm on her activity mat. She’ll back spin around and babble.
She seems to be much more attentive to us now. She follows us more and stares at us intently as if she wants to tell us something or interpret our actions.
I can spend all day watching her play and discover. Everything is so fascinating to her.