Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving and Grooving

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

BG is 3 months and 2 weeks old.

Yesterday DH took us on a day trip to Philly.

It was a short trip but I took it as a bonus birthday gift of family time.

The trip reminded me of all the weekend trips my dad took us on. We couldn't go too far but dad made it a point to spend time with us and take us out of the city.

I told my husband if possible, I'd like to do the same for BG.

For the first time my DH and I had an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. As a foodie, I had to request a taste test between Geno's and Pat's. Pat's won hands down. My DH loved that it had more meat. I liked the cut of meat and the marinade. If you go to Philly, do a taste test but if you can only choose one to eat, I recommend Pat's.

On a milestone front, BG is learning to turn to one side now. She disliked tummy time so much that I started doing Roly Poly Olly time. I put a blanet down and we gently roll back and forth each time we meet back up face to face for a kiss. At first she didn't like it as well but tolerated it more than tummy time. Now, she seems to like that she gets to see my face after she rolls over.

Oh, and this morning, after her first morning nap, she had a grand old time talking to herself. At one point she screamed a delight scream. I never heard that before so I rant in to find her laughing at herself. I have no idea what her first laugh was about but obvious it was a personal joke.

My DH also took her to her play group so I could get a break. I took the time to work and wanted to do a load of her wash. We have three clean bibs left but decided I should take the opportunity to do something for myself so I took a nice bath and read a chapter of my book. It felt great but it felt better greeting my DH and BG after their play date.