Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have to feed people now?

BG is 3 Months & 4 Days old.

So my MIL is here and I forgot one crucial thing, I have to feed her. I know that sounds funny, especially since my name is Pantrygirl and I love to cook. Since I delivered, cooking is not a priority. I stock piled a ton of food prior to delivery and lived off of that for the first 6 weeks. Ever since, our diet mainly consists of high protein, quick meals such as crockpot stew, crockpot chicken, pan seared salmon, broiled salmon, crockpot pasta Bolognese.

My menu these days consists of what is cheap and quick to cook. I tried to have my husband take care of eats but unfortunately 1) his eating schedule is not the typical 3 meals a day and 2) with breastfeeding I try to eat mini meals every 3-4 hours to keep up my energy and my supply.

Well, yesterday my husband picks up his mother at 1pm. I was so busy cleaning and tidying up with my husband that I forgot to eat lunch. I didn’t realize this until I was walking back from my mom’s get together. I make it back home at 4:30pm to greet my MIL. DH leaves to do errands for the party and he says that he’ll pick up sandwiches at the deli for eats.

I’m thrilled as I completely forgot about food and have only eaten a bowl of oatmeal and didn’t have the energy or desire to figure out what to cook for him, his mother and myself.

I would entertain my MIL and my baby until he returned. Of course, I didn’t realize that would be at 8pm. Even my MIL was alarmed by the lateness of our meal. I was so hungry and tired but I couldn’t nap and I couldn’t eat anything because I really didn’t have anything to eat in front of my MIL.

If I was alone, I’d grab a few slices of cold cuts or cheese and just gobble that down. I couldn’t do that in front of guests.

Oh by the way, the supermarket caterers told my husband and his mother that no one comes down to the supermarket to order the catering stuff so they didn’t take care of that until I got home. Good grief, I’m at a loss on how hard it is to do this. I mean, is my husband trying to make this get together harder to put together or what?

So now, as I’m pumping and writing this, I’m trying to make a list of things I need to get at the groceries to feed my MIL. Oh, and she just informed me that she has decided to stay at our tiny apartment for a day so now I’m scrambling to make sure I have breakfast foods to serve and to find the extra sheets that are packed away in storage somewhere.

Oh, and party favors still haven’t been made yet. I know. I know. Strangely enough, I’m so apathetic, I’m unphased. The old PG would be stressed and in full Mothra mode. The new PG is sleep deprived, itchy (from an attack of a vicious mosquito), hungry and in need of a good back massage.