Saturday, September 27, 2008

You make your fist look so appetizing, BG.

BG is 2 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old.

I had no idea that I would need drool bibs this early and in massive quantities. For weeks now, BG is drooling to the point where we change her kimono tops on average 5 times a day. We slap on a bib but since she’s recently discovered her hands, her hands get tangled under the bib. Since I don’t want her to be unencumbered to learn, especially at home, I remove the bib and then wind up changing her top every few hours.

I registered for a 12 pack of bibs but we’re going through them so fast that we went to Babies R’ Us and picked up a few more drool bibs. Someone needs to invent bibs without that noisy Velcro that startles my poor child from her sleep. I do like that some bibs have the closures on the side.

I cleaned out BG’s dressers and have begun to wash her 3-6 month clothing and pack away, donate or exchange her 0-3 month clothes. It’s a shame as many of the pieces were never worn. On a sweet note, she wore her first pair of pants on Tuesday. It’s one thing to see your baby in onesies or footies. It’s another story when you see her in pants. I know this sounds ridiculous but if you are a parent, you’ll understand. She looked grown up. It was so cute.

DH wanted to know why I would put pants on her. I told him that it’s cold and I didn’t want her legs to get chilly. He seemed to think it would just lead to a harder diaper change and took them off. Mom put them back on after awhile.

With the autumn air mingling, I realized that I could either keep dressing her in footies or wash some of her pants and get them ready. When I attempted to button up one of her 0-3 footies and found her legs couldn’t straighten within the footies, I knew I needed to clean her dresser drawer and prepare her ‘big girl’s clothes.

Honestly, not only do I feel wasteful because of all the clothes she never got to wear, I also feel a bit na├»ve. I know most folks say to not purchase too many clothes but how much is too much? Plus, how do you explain to folks that although larger sizes for gifts is much appreciated, the seasons should also be considered. I have beautiful outfits for BG for 6-9 months but they are summer outfits which won’t work in New York during January, February and March.

I feel like I could have used the money more wisely towards baby gear but that’s a crapshoot as well. To tell the truth, purchases for baby are always a gamble. Clothing may be outgrown quickly and toys and gear may not appeal to the baby. How do you balance that? I mean, I’ve been lucky so far and only had to buy two different bottles and 3 different nipples but some parents need to buy the entire product line and try them out to find the one their child prefers.

You feel satisfied that you found one the child likes but you’ve got tons of one time trial items. If having a baby doesn’t increase your carbon footprint, I don’t know what else does.

My laundry has increase. My garbage has tripled. We weighed the diaper dekor garbage once and it came to 10 lbs, 10 lbs of dirty diapers and wipes! Yikes.