Thursday, September 18, 2008

"You don't need a key, so follow me. There are no locks on story box . On Story Box. On Story Box."

Sometimes BG falls asleep on the breast and I just let her nap instead of putting her in her crib. Sometimes she’s sleeping so lightly that if I move her she wakes up so if it’s a quick nap, I’ll just let her sleep next to me and I check my mail or do some work on her baptism invites and favors.

What I find incredibly adorable is how she uses her hand to touch or hold my breast. If I move it, she slides it back. Sometimes she uses her arm for privacy. Sometimes she just uses it to touch me. It’s such a nice feeling of her wanting to connect with me. She is too young to hold my hand, reach out and touch me or hug me but when she’s breastfeeding and she looks up at me and places her hand on my skin, I feel like she’s bonding with me.

Speaking of hugging, BG has been holding her head up for longer periods of time now. When she’s on my shoulders she’ll sometimes prop herself up using her arms and lifts her head and looks around. I still need to put my hand behind her neck for support but she’s lifting her head up herself and for a few seconds, she can look around and put her head back on my shoulder.

With her arms crossed on my shoulders and her ability to lift her head and shift it to a side before placing it back down on my shoulder, I feel like I’m getting a tiny hug from her. It feels so good.

She’s also cooing and babbling more. Every morning, after we change her diaper, her clothes and wash her face, ears and nose, we say good morning to the sun, trees, sky and sometimes cloud from the kitchen window and then she has quiet time on her activity mat while I make breakfast.

As I’m eating breakfast, sometimes I leave her alone to discover her toys, sometimes I sit close enough so she can see me and converse. When she finds me, she’ll smile, coo and then babble. I love it. It’s as if we have a morning conversation.

After breakfast, BG and I do some morning stretches and then we sing the ‘Hello song’ from The Magic Garden. She seems to like this song as she smiles a big toothless grin and whenever I say hello, she responds with ‘ooooh’ sounds. DH likes to sing the ‘shake hands’ verse.

Carole and Paula were such a big part of our lives as a children. I still remember many of the songs and characters. The Story Box, Sherlock the Squirrel and the Chuckle Patch are engrained in my mind. According to their website they tour and I wouldn’t be surprised if DH, BG and I attend one in a few years. I’m thinking of purchasing the CD and DVD when it comes out this fall.

No wonder everything old is new again. As parents you pull out happy memories and relive them with your child. Now, if I can only find a Holly Hobbie costume for Halloween.

Oh, fyi, The Electric Company is coming back. The scouting agent was at our church last week looking for space for their cast. They are shooting around our neighborhood this week.

Lastly, BG, if you are reading this, yes your mom used to have very long straight hair like Carole and Paula. It was the style back then. Lord knows what the style is at the time you are reading this.