Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Possible stalkers and 7 women in a circle breast exposed

BG is 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old.

Would you find it strange that an old acquaintance search and contact you? I mean it’s been 25 years, why the heck would that person search for you purposefully and does anyone have that kind of time? I'm sure if I had that kind of time, I wouldn't be researching people I haven't seen in decades. Are you trying to find something you lost in the past that isn't in your current situation? Are you compensating or trying to compensate for something you feel is currently lacking?

I just find it completely odd and a little invasive. Am I a jaded New Yorker?

I won’t go into detail, but this whole invasion of privacy and blast from the past puts my New York trust no one antenna up 90 degrees.

BG and I went to our first La Leche meeting today. We had fun. It was mainly 7 women getting together to talk about where to find the best local restaurants and supermarkets while breastfeeding. The funny thing is, if I mentioned to a man that 7 women got together and breastfed their children, I’m sure the only thing a man would hear would be 7 women and breasts. I’m sure a man’s idea of a La Leche meeting is totally different than an actual meeting and could make for a good comedy sketch.

Afterwards, BG and I walked home with some other moms. My mother came over at 1:30 and we had lunch and chatted until about 3:30. She asked a lot of questions about today’s toys and clothing and why I inspect and am picky about hand me downs from strangers (her friend’s children). I explained to her that just like how cribs have a certain shelf life (she tried to give me my old crib from the 70’s), toys and clothes also have a shelf life, especially with the whole BPA, made in china, lead pain deal and chemical burns from tagless labels.

She was taken aback. I told her I’m not militant about it as I survived the 70’s ‘safety’ regulations just fine but some things I am extra precautious with. She seemed to understand especially after we discussed the whole tainted milk and tainted formula in China that was seen on the news recently.