Sunday, September 07, 2008

My daughter. 4 older boys. And it begins.

2 Months Old

First Bus Ride
We took our first MTA bus ride yesterday. I’m not a complete germ-a-phobe. I believe that I survived fine as a youngster on hose water rinsing out cuts and old fashioned soap and water; BG will be fine too. Still since she is only 8 weeks old and may potentially have a reaction to her vaccinations, I didn’t want to take any chances so I put her in a full footie onesie.

Around the house, she hangs out with me in her diaper and a simple white kimono top. When we go out to crowds, I cover her a bit more.

We took our first bus ride to…

BG’s first kid’s birthday part
It was my friend’s son’s 1st birthday. Most importantly, it was my friend’s 1 year milestone for breastfeeding. I am so proud of her. She’s my inspiration as my goal is also 1 year and she had similar anxieties and problems with breastfeeding.

BG was the youngest baby there and she was also the only girl baby. She watched quietly and intently as the boys waddled around knocking things down, stacking things up, pushing things and what not. She patiently allowed strangers to pass her around like a hot potato. She even did her usual afternoon nap while in my arms in the midst of the chaos that comes from having 4 1-year old boys waddling around.

On the mommy front, I breastfed her twice during the party and changed her diaper 3 times. I met some neighbors who all offered great new parent tips. One in particular gave me tips on baby sign language. I know my husband thinks it is odd but as soon as baby can wave goodbye, I’d like to start with just a handful of words. I learned basic sign language in high school and don’t think it’s odd nor do I think it will stunt any language development.

My friend set up her house so that the living room with the air conditioner was the kid and parent zone. The area was gated, strewn with toys and board books. The dining room was set up with food and became the adults without kids or adult time conversation.

While we were at my friend’s house the tropical storm hanna hit our area. Sheets of rain poured down. This led to an extended stay. I planned to stay for 2 hours but I wound up leaving 5 hours later. BG and I made it alone outdoors for nearly 6 hours!

I knew the mini-naps in my arms weren’t enough for my daughter even though she’s been only taking 2-3 30-minute naps during a typical afternoon. I figured she’d have a nice long stretch at night but I didn’t expect what we received.

BG had fallen asleep in the Bjorn as we said our goodbyes and another friend offered to drive us home. She was still zonked from her first party so I took the opportunity to do some quick errands. I kept her in her Bjorn and was able to unpack and repacked the diaper bag, make a sandwich and eat it, check my voicemails and emails and set up her bath.

Since we were out and mingling with a group of kids and adults for the first time, I thought to be safe, a quick bath would be a good idea. Plus it would make for an even better night’s rest for her.

I removed her from the Bjorn, undressed her and nearly removed her diaper before she woke up. It was the cutest thing. Can someone tell me why babies look so darn cute when they wake up and adults look like their face has been flattened?

I placed her in the bath and she gave me the biggest grin I’ve seen yet. After her bath, we had a quiet massage, read a nighttime story, swaddled and had dinner. She fell asleep an hour after my husband came home.

By this time, I was starving but too exhausted to cook something. I took a shower and came back and found my husband conked out in the living room. I cuddled up next to him and fell asleep. I woke up at 1 to pump and check on her. I gave my husband a freshly expressed bottle and asked him to wake me up when she woke up so I can pump again.

I woke up at 7:45am. My breasts were throbbing.
“Honey, why didn’t you wake me?”
“She didn’t wake up for a late night feeding. I guess after your 1am feeding, she was zonked.”
“I didn’t feed her at 1. The last time I fed her was 8pm.”
“Wait. Are you telling me she slept through the night?”

We had to sit there and double check but our daughter was so tuckered out she slept through the night, a full 11 hours of sleep.

My husband and I hugged each other. We almost cried. lol.

Then my husband really cried when he saw the mess in her diaper and swaddle.

By 8am, she was up for her first breakfast. I fed her and dressed her for church. Last week, she was named, “youngest server” by some parishioners for her assistance with the collection. Her dad had her in the Bjorn as he completed his ushering duties. Today, since DH was on lector duties, she spent the time with me singing our hearts out. During mass, she didn’t fuss at all. She fell asleep during the homily, no insult intended, Father Emmanuel. She even slept through the organ but I’m fairly confident it’s a soothing sound for her as she heard it so often while in the womb. She was only startled during the bells during the communion rite. She shook, sighed and then went back to sleep. The couple behind me chuckled. I guess we all express ourselves in our own ways.