Sunday, September 14, 2008

My baby has boogie but no fever

2 Months and 1 Week

BG woke up with congestion in her nose yesterday. She had this giant booger in one of her nostrils. I pulled it out with my finger as it kept popping in and out like a groundhog. She didn’t have a fever and only seemed fussy so I didn’t think we needed to call the doctor. I just felt horrible all day. I mean, it’s one thing when an adult has the sniffles. You grab a carton of OJ, make some chicken soup and grab a box of Kleenex. Babies can’t do that. They can’t even blow their nose. They sound like hedgehogs snorting and they look like glazed donuts.

To make matters worse, we just got her to sleep in her crib without that darn Boppy but with all the congestion, she can’t breathe comfortable when sleeping perpendicular so we’ve put her back on it so that she can sleep a little better.

Her Dad used the bulb doodad to suck out some congestion which brought some relief for awhile. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay at home. We had a birthday party to attend, BG’s Aunt. Thankfully these things are small affairs and there aren’t any kids other than her Aunt. If it was bigger, I’d stay home but BG’s Aunt made it a point to say that it was 13th birthday and she really wanted the family to be there.

So at the crack of dawn, we packed BG in her PJ’s in the car seat and headed to Staten Island. I had been dreaming all night that the ride would be brutal as BG dislikes car rides or anything that involves her car seat. With the congestion, I was guaranteed it.

I tried an experiment. I put her Swaddleme in the car seat and swaddled her. Unfortunately the Swaddleme is a size S and we can barely Velcro that without the harness but I figured it’s better than nothing.

She cried a lot but I think the swaddle helped a little. I also clasped her Whoozit onto the head rest in front of her and she stared at that quietly for a good 20 minutes. 20 minutes of peace is better than nothing.
She was quiet the entire time at the party even when her Aunt was screaming. She’s 13 and has never been around a baby so baby etiquette is slowly being taught. She kept wanting to hold her but she doesn’t have the dexterity yet to do so confidently so we kept putting her on her lap on the couch while one of us propped BG’s head up.

On the way home, I had to drop DH off and drive us home by ourselves. These rides aren’t fun as without someone sitting in the back seat for her to see, BG just cries. By the time I got home and found parking, BG looked like a red glazed donut and I looked like a zombie. is it that I have to turn into a zombie just to tune out her cries? I feel horrible but it’s like I need to revert to an emotionless being to survive the car ride home.

Today my mom has her scheduled ‘New Moon’ party. If I could, I’d cancel it but my mom has her heart set on it. I woke up with a mild headache and a general feeling of lethargy. I’m guessing all that worrying about BG’s nasal congestion probably led me to have a restless night’s sleep.