Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a new mom does in the wee hours of the morning...

BG is 2 months, 1 week and 6 days old.

It's 3:30 in the morning.

I've just finished your 1am feeding and diaper change. Usually your dad handles your early morning feedings but today I caught you before you woke yourself up crying. I figured if we can get you your eats and diaper change before you were fussing about it, you'd have a better night's sleep.

I'm now pumping. The rhythmic sound of air compressing in and out of the pump are interrupted periodically with the sounds of your dad snoring emanating from the baby monitor.

While pumping, I continued to work on your baptism invitation and thank you tchotcke. In between, I enjoyed a humorous moment watching the video below.

Your mom would love to do a load of laundry to prepare the 3-6 months clothes you will probably begin wearing shortly. Unfortunately, the laundry must be done in the laundry room in the basement. We live in a building that is a pre-war building. The pipes are so old, they cannot handle a washing machine in every apartment.

On one hand, it saves on space but on the other, I do miss the convenience of having a washing machine in our home. Currently, your mom is wearing her nightgown and is too tired to fumble for a robe to go downstairs in. Plus, there is the added inconvenience of having to watch the time to go back downstairs to put the wash in the dryer and then subsequently return to fold it and bring it back up.

Your mom rarely complains about it as it's a little inconvenience for the benefits of living in an apartment where a superintendent, handyman, porters and security staff attend to the upkeep of our home.

Going back to what a mom does at 3 in the morning while pumping, essentially this mom makes lists. The list comprise of things she'd like to do and needs to do. Right now, my list in a nutshell consists of: write a blog entry, do laundry, finalize photo and layout for baptism invitation, send your dad's leather keychain out for repair, figure out what your halloween costume should be, eat, check and respond to email, make list for household shopping and empty and fill dishwasher. There are more items but I'll just stick with the basics.

Your mom can either start or complete most of these items before she goes back to bed. The one that is irking her at this moment is the laundry as she can't do this without staying up for a long period of time. Oh well, I guess I'll try to do it when you wake up at 7am for your first breakfast.

Childbirth Song by Helen Austin

You've bags under your eyes
You've got boobs to your knees
Your hand's full of poo and your bra's full of cheese
Your stomach is bloated your clothes do not fit
He still wants sex while you feel like shit
He begs for this favour not long after labour
It's like eating a meal after you've just been sick

And the boys at the office tell him I should give him what he wants
To this I say that they're a bunch of lalalalalalala

You bastard you cocked up it's you got me knocked up
Just cos you want me to have bigger tits
You're pleading, you're pining
Oh please stop your whining
You're not getting sex 'til the kid's 26

You say you want another child, another pregnancy
When you can poo a watermelon I'll agree

I could have been someone if you just hadn't come (along)
If I hadn't been so drunk and I'd said maybe
We'd be going out and stuff, now there's foreceps up my chuff
Pulling the head of a screaming 10lb baby

And the mums on Hornby Island* say keep breast feeding 'til they're four
If I do I won't have nipples anymore

And all the doctors told me that I'd need a stitch or ten
I say sew me up so I can't do this again.

*an island nearby with a reputation for being very wholesome!