Saturday, September 13, 2008

48 Hours in the Life of a New Mom and Newborn

2 Months and 6 Days Old

Because 24 hours just isn't enough. Can you feel the excitement? Jack Bauer has nothing on me. lol

In an odd set of circumstances, your Mom and Dad were both on duty during the day. Mom took this opportunity to do some chores.

5:15-10am Dad is on duty. Mom takes this chance to sleep.
9-9:30am Dad covers usual 7am-9am feeding. Mom pumps and stores breast milk. After last night, mom appreciates the break.
9:30-10am Mom eats breakfast and washes her face. Mom plans to do some household shopping while Dad spends some time with BG. Mom makes a list, clears the dishes and puts dirty dishes in the dishwasher while eating her breakfast.
10am-10:30 BG wakes up and Dad feeds you second breakfast. Mom notices you eat less from the bottle. Dad and Mom plot out the day while Dad feeds and plays with you.
10:30-11:20am Playtime with BG on the activity mat, a diaper change and then some quiet time on the swing.
11:15-11:20am Mom does power pump to help alleviate severe engorgement while she’s at the store.
11:30am-2pm Mom runs out to do household shopping and birthday shopping for Dad and your Aunt. Mom finds a cool birthday card from you to your Aunt which is a hard feat when you guys are both just kids.
2-3pm Mom returns home, does the Frogger move from the car to the apartment with all the goodies she bought. Dad is feeding you. While I was away, Dad gave you a bath and a massage and videotaped you smiling and lounging in your crib. Mom does some household chores while dad feeds you and gets you ready for your nap.
3:15-3:30pm Mom pumps and stores milk for your feedings with Dad. Dad puts you in your crib for your nap.
3:30-4:15pm Mom takes a shower then prepares lunch for her and Dad. Mom eats lunch. Construction in the apartment above wakes you up, rudely. Dad soothes you and gets you back to nap mode. Dad eats lunch while Mom runs to do a load of laundry.
4:15-4:45pm Mom and Dad nap.
4:45-6pm Mom finishes with the load of laundry, folds it and puts it away. Mom makes a quick dinner and eats.
6-7pm Mom wakes up Dad. Dad eats dinner, showers and heads out. Mom cleans her pump parts and bottles, sets up changing table and clears dirty laundry strewn around the bedroom and living room from the day’s festivities with Dad. She also reads some more of Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and realizes that if you prefer to nap in the late afternoon/early evening and then go to sleep in the late night, I shouldn’t fight it. After all, it may very well change as you grow. She decides to stop trying to make you sleep earlier, for now.
7-8pm BG, you wake up. Mom changes your diaper, swaddles you and sets the table at Chez Mommy for you.
8-8:15pm Mom burps you and soothes you to sleep and places you in your crib.
8:15-10pm BG wakes up for a diaper change. After the change, she is alert and awake. Mom tells you a story, Toes, Ears and Nose, and some Dylan time (tracking games). After another diaper change, this time a dirty, BG starts cooing and smiling. I’m guessing you wanted to hang out with mom for a bit. Mom puts on some slow music and we waltz and slow dance for a bit. As mom puts you down so she can go to the bathroom, she notices you’ve gone again. 3 diapers in 2 hours! Mom is impressed.
10-11:30pm Mom swaddles you and opens the bar at Club Mom for some late night drinking.
11:30pm-3:30am BG naps in her crib.

12-2am Mom takes a nap.
2-3:30am Mom pumps, cleans pump parts and stores milk. She finishes packing dishwasher and starts the load.
3:30-6:30am Dad is on call. Mom goes to bed.
6:30-7am BG wakes up and Mom feeds you and changes your diaper.
7-7:30am BG naps in her crib.
7:30-7:45am BG you are getting bigger and regular sized blankets aren’t cutting it as you unswaddle yourself and wake yourself up.
7:45-8:30am pump store clean. Mom makes and eats breakfast, clears dishwasher and loads dirty dishes.
8:30-9am BF has second breakfast
9-10am Activity mat play while mom brushes her teeth, washes her face and gets dressed for our walk in the park.
10am-12pm Mom & BG meet up with the Mom’s group for a walk.
12-12:30pm Dad changes your diaper twice and dresses you with at home clothes.
12:30-1:30pm lunch time for BG while mom eats a sandwich with her free hand.
1:45-2:30pm BG is overtired. Dad soothes her to sleep on his shoulder. Dad doesn’t understand how someone has a harder time going to sleep if they are overtired. Mom tells him to swaddle you and soothe you and within minutes you are sleeping. Mom is learning, BG.
2:30-3:15pm BG eats at Chez Mommy while Mom tries to patiently watch your Dad figure something out. Your mom has a bit more patience with learning and playing around with new things; your Dad, not so much.
3:15-4:15pm BG naps in bassinet
4:15-4:45pm BG wakes up for a diaper change & eats
5-5:30pm Mom makes and eats dinner
5:30-6pm BG has a nap on mom’s shoulder
6-7pm BG has dinner at Chez Mommy
7-8pm BG sleeps in mommy’s arm then the sling. Mom tried to get you to sleep in your crib but you kept waking up as soon as she put down on the mattress. Mom changes from a receiving blanket swaddle to a SwaddleMe.
8-8:30pm BG sleeps in bassinet
8:30-9:45pm Z-girl barks and wakes up BG. Mom changes your diaper and feeds you.
9:45-10:15pm BG sleeps in bassinet while Mom works on BG’s baptism invitation and tchotckes.
10:15-12:30am BG wakes up for 2 diaper changes, wet and dirty. Mom also feeds BG and tries to get her to sleep mode but she stays wide awake while Mom can barely keep her eyes open.

12:30am Dad comes to relieve mom. Mom sleepily packs diaper bag and wraps a gift for BG's Aunt as tomorrow is her birthday party. Your Aunt turns 13 tomorrow! Mom dreads the 1.5 hour trip in the car as she is afraid you may cry the whole way. She reads up on how to swaddle you using the SwaddleMe in the carseat.
1-5am Dad takes over for exhausted mom. Mom can barely keep her eyes open. She needs to shower but passes out in bedroom.
5am Mom wakes up and pumps.

From size 1 to size 2s
They are still a bit big bug mom doesn’t want to buy another size 1 box for what she believes is a couple more weeks.

Transitioning from 0-3 to 3-6
BG has already grown out of her size 0-3 socks. Her size 3 kimonos she wears around the house used to be knee length. Now they are about hip length. I can’t believe my baby is growing so quickly. I am so proud.