Thursday, August 21, 2008

You really need to be your child's advocate when it comes to breastfeeding

1 Month & 2 Weeks

I just need to vent.

Everywhere we turn we see so much about how BF'g is the best choice for our baby's health and well being but I'm finding more and more Obstetricians and some Pediatricians lack the knowledge to advocate and promote breastfeeding.

After I delivered, I hated being the PIA patient requesting my baby latch and bond with me but I had to or else they would have brought her in 3 hours after when she's tired and groggy.

I need to consistently ask for the LC at the hospital and when I asked nurses for help learning to latch when the LC wasn't around, everyone gave me different advice and some even incorrect advice (I do not have inverted nipples!).

Everytime I go to the doctor and they want to write me an Rx, I immediately ask why, what for and will it pass through to my baby? They always say no.

I don't want to be the crazy person searching the web and contradicting the providers but consistently kellymom and Dr. Hale have more information and usually make me question my physicians.

The latest is the best. I had my procedure this morning. I met with the anesthesiologist who was Chinese and we had a nice conversation regarding breastfeeding, Chinese women and breastfeeding and anesthestics and breastfeeding. He told me his wife also had milk production problems at first and understood my concerns. He gave me the name of the anesthesia he would give me and said he would not give me more than needed and would only give it to me right before the procedure so that he didn't have to give me too much. He also said that it would pass through to my liver within the hour so I shouldn't be too worried. This was exactly what kellymom and Dr. Hale said so i felt confident and assured by him.

After the procedure, I spoke to my doctor about the antibiotics she recommended. She said that it would not affect my baby.

I go to the pharmacist and he comes out and says, "I have some information for you. I'm not filling out the prescription for you because you are breastfeeding. Read this." Highlighted on the printed information from his database, 'Strongly do not recommend adminstering to breastfeeding mothers!'

I call my doctor and the nurse said to call my pediatrician for a recommened antibiotic and she'd call in the script for me.

By this time, although I'm off the anesthesia, I'm groggy, tired, hungry and in a bit of discomfort but all i can think about is if only I can search Dr. Hale's information I'd self prescribe an antibiotic for myself. That is a joke, by the way. My dad was a physician and pharmacist and I'd know better.

The pediatrician calls me back and I tell her that my doctor, who knows I am breastfeeding, prescribed doxcycline and before I could finish my sentence, she says, "Oh, really? Your doctor prescribed this? I'm glad your pharmacist refused to fill it for you."

She then proceeds to tell me about cases of teeth discoloration in infants and children and how this antibiotic WILL pass through to my daughter.

She gives me a recommendation for antibiotics that are safe to take while breastfeeding and I contact my OB.

I went home and immediately looked up the medications she gave me as 'safe' and the only one 100% is Amoxicillin.

Now my husband has to go to the pharmacy and I hope that Amoxicillin is what they called in.

I really don't want to be a pain and question my docs but now I feel like i should bring Dr. Hale's book with me whenever I go to the doctor.

My OB also gave me a mini-pill prescription even though I told her that I was reluctant to take it as I have had milk production issues but she assured me it should be fine. Now I'm doubting her and am seriously thinking about asking to be fitted for a diaphragm just to be safe. Heck, it's not spontaneous, less full proof and I've had issues with spermicidal jellies but at least I'm certain it won't be hormones/meds that go to my baby or affect my milk production. We do plan to go back to the Family Planning method after a while.

I just need to vent. Arrrghh!

On a nice note, DH has been very supportive since this morning. Yes he is still planning to jog and go to the dentist this afternoon but if I really didn't want him to and I really needed him, I would have told him no.