Monday, August 04, 2008

Well, at least I'm fairly certain she's eating well.

4 weeks and 1 day old

I spent the day doing breast/bottle feedings. I would give BG my breast for 20-30 minutes then give her a bottle afterwards. I think she is getting more from my breast but I’m also giving her 1-2 ounces from the bottle. If I keep her on the breast, it takes over an hour and by that time, she and I are both spent. Within 2 hours, she’s hungry for more and I’m just too tired from trying to pump, eat and sleep in between that I’m spent by the end of the day. My nerves are frayed and physically I’m exhausted.

As it stands, I always feel like I’m doing catch up. I have three 4 ounce bottles I try to keep filled at all times. I try to keep them at 3 ounces each. Sometimes I can pump 3-4 ounces but most of the time I’m at 2 or 2.5 ounces so it’s been tough.

I wish my production would increase to a stead 3-4 ounces each session. I know I was wishing for 2-2.5 just last week so I’m keeping optimistic. I’m still taking my blessed thistle and fenugreek, which by the way, makes me sweat as if I’ve had Indian food. I’m pumping every 2-4 hours whenever possible.

I also noticed that my right breast has a tinge of pain when I pump. It also hurts a bit when BG latches. This is the slower breast. The output is less and let down takes longer. During a good pumping session I can get 1.5 or 2 ounces but mostly I only get 1 ounce from this breast. I’m thinking of adding a few ‘power pumps’ between regular pumps to help this breast along but it depends as this schedule of breast/bottle/pump or eat or sleep is taxing. Still her tummy troubles have greatly reduced now that we’ve been exclusively eating breast milk.

I try to remind myself this time last week I wanted to be sans formula and now I am. Hopefully next week I’ll be at 3-4 ounce pumping output.

Because of the breast pain on the right side, I’m taking 650 mg of Tylenol once a day. I wonder what this sharp pain is about. It’s also uncomfortable when she latches on my right breast though I’ve only given her the right breast infrequently as the let down takes longer, she winds up sleeping very quickly on it.

Every book I read says to give her the slower breast first and to pump it more frequently but the occasional pain makes it hard to do.

At least I’m not too worried about her not eating as she’s pooping and peeing frequently. She’s also more alert. She has more alert time. I also know she’s getting bigger as her head is not peeking out of the Baby Bjorn.

Speaking of poop, she had a massive poop this evening during the Daddy shift. It was so huge, that it went up her back and dad quickly decided a bath was in order. She seems to enjoy the bath time but dislikes being pulled out of the bath. I suppose warm water would be soothing. I just love looking at her face when she’s getting a bath. It’s filled with wonderment.

First time playing with the activity mat
Your dad picked it out for you. It has a foot kick pad that starts playing Mozart when you kick it. You’re too young to realize all your motor skills yet but you do seem to enjoy the shapes and colors and the jingling duck. Oh and you like to stare in the mirror too.

First time mom was so exhausted she had to take a nap while you cried in her arms
I didn't know I could do that but I did. Usually your cries cause my heart to ache and my breasts to hurt and squirt. This morning, I was so exhausted and my breasts were spent, all I could do was just let you cry in my arms as I sat and rocked you for 15 minutes. Normally, I'd stick you on my breast and close my eyes but my breasts were so sore i couldn't possible think about anyone, even you BG, touching them.

First family hug
Yes, it took this long but yesterday the three of us all hugged together and not just a arms wrapped around each other hug. We’ve done that at the hospital when we were so afraid to squeeze you too hard. I’m talking about an all out envelopment from your mom and dad. I held you tightly around my chest while your dad hugged me so that we both cocooned you in a great big hug. You seemed to like the warmth and closeness. So did your mom and dad.