Friday, August 08, 2008

To sleep, perchance to shower or in some cases to pee.

1 Month and 1 Day

The sling rocks. Sure there is a dvd to show you how to use this thing but I think it wasn’t too difficult to do, especially when the baby is calm. The moment I put BG in it, she calmed down and fell asleep.

Right now, she’s snoring. I’m still apprehensive to go hands free but it already alleviates some of the pressure of the weight on my arms.

We had a rough night last night. BG wasn’t fussy but she didn’t want to sleep. I held her in my arms in bed in the dark to try to get her to nap and it finally did the trick around 2:30am but she didn’t want to leave my arms. I fell asleep sitting upright on my bed with her in my arms and didn’t wake up until 5:45 when I heard her lips smacking, a sign of hunger.

I put her to the boob but she was still sleepy and only sucked but didn’t swallow. Exhausted and knowing a baby who hasn’t eaten in 4+ hours would be fussy, I gave her a bottle of EBM. That woke her up and my morning began. For the rest of the day, I've been giving her the boob if I've exhausted all needs. I figure even if it's for soothing, at least she's stimulating my boobs and she's soothing herself. The docs say she is still too young to spoil so do what you need to do, hold her, give her the boob, etc...

DH received a call for a last minute gig today so he was busy ironing his shirt and caring for the dogs. He had fallen asleep on the floor by the crib. He had been caring for BG until 1:30am, trying to get her to sleep. In the battle between BG and DH, I think BG wins most of the time.

BG loves to sleep in my arms or near me. Right now, she’s lying on the Boppy next to me dreaming away. Oh, this could be a fluke or a milestone but she turned onto her side this afternoon during her nap in the bassinet. I went to the kitchen and came back and found she had turned to her left side, she seems to prefer this side, and has both hands clasped as if in prayer. DH thinks she’s a genius. I just think she’s getting to a position she’s more comfortable sleeping in. The pediatrician said most babies prefer side and stomach sleeping. Heck, most adults do not prefer sleeping on their backs.

We received two Disney instrumental lullaby cds from a family friend. These cds along with the swing, seemed to get BG to nap for a bit this afternoon. I wonder if we play these in the bedroom would it work too. I may try this tonight.

Rolled from back to left side
This could have been a fluke or an actual milestone. Time will tell. She was asleep in the bassinet on her back and she rolled to her left side.

First reading of a book where BG stared at the pictures for a bit
I’m sure she couldn’t comprehend anything but you could see she was working her eyes and focusing. It was Doggies by Sandra Boynton. She seemed to enjoy the various barking noises I made for each dog.

Baby Lessons:
Brushing my eyebrows
The last few days, whenever I put on my face, I do so with a mirror next to BG so she can see what I’m doing. I narrate my actions, like I do everything else. She seems to sort of smile or be amused by my brushing of my eyebrows. Each time I do it, she gives me the same face. It’s not a true smile like the gas smile. It’s more her eyes get big and her lips peak up as if she finds it humorous.