Friday, August 22, 2008


1 Month , 2 Weeks & 1 Day

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott
BG, you are at a stage now where you are interacting a little bit. I think this is the stage that your dad can probably appreciate more. I think it’s hard to bond with a baby when there is very little expression other than sad, crying, confusion and peaceful slumber.

You are also cooing a lot more and when we put you on your side on the activity mat, you don’t like tummy time, you have fun cooing and quietly staring at yourself or the dangling lion, duck and horse. Dad said today he hopes for more quiet play and alert time.

I believe you are also increasing your milk intake to 3 ounces each feeding. Yesterday you were ravenous and drank 4 ounces each feeding. Then again, yesterday you weren’t on the boob as much as I had surgery and was a bit tired and groggy. We’ll try to make up for that today.

Things I never thought I’d do or say
Bathroom trips can sometimes be a race to beat my personal best time
Nothing makes you go to the bathroom faster than a screaming child. In the battle between nature and baby, nature’s calling usual wins although I’ve been known to hold it on occasion when BG really needs me. What is amazing though is how when you just can’t hold it any longer, how fast you will try to do your business so that you can go back and attend to the screaming child in the other room.

First shower with BG hanging out in the bathroom with me
I really needed a shower and you were wide awake so I put you on the bouncer and you hung out on the floor by the sink while I took a shower. You amused yourself for the entire shower and I was able to even towel dry myself and put lotion on.

Your first smiles
You are truly adorable when you smile and you are now smiling more frequently when you see my face or your dad’s face. No longer are we getting a glimpse of your smile while you sleep. You are actually smiling socially to us! Your dad swears that you laughed too.

You soothed yourself to sleep
After your bath, massage, dinner and a swaddle, I put on some soft music, placed you on your bouncer and went to the kitchen to clean the bath supplies. You cried a bit, not to loudly and then soothed yourself to a nap. You woke up a few times and cried but each time you soothed yourself back to sleep. I’m so proud of you.