Monday, August 18, 2008

Slowly learning the true meaning of multi-tasking and preparation

1 Month , 1 Week & 4 Days

I had my post partum appointment today. They are concerned with my bleeding. I’m scheduled to come back tomorrow for another sonogram to determine if I need surgery. Fun. If I need it, I need to do it now as husband’s insurance coverage ends in two weeks.

The good news is that the trip to the doctor’s was a family outing and it went fairly smooth. I told my husband we’d need to leave the house by 11 which gave me some cushion. In addition to the cushion, I realized that I would need to get everyone, baby, dogs and myself ready and leave my husband to fend for himself. This is necessary as my husband runs on his own clock. He even got cranky when it was 11 and I asked him to get ready.

The one thing that drives me nuts though is how oblivious he can be to me and what I’m doing at the time. For example, I’ve just finished feeding BG, put my jeans on and am about to pack a few bottles of breastmilk, change her and put her in the car seat. “Honey, can you wet the dog towels and feed the dogs? I’ve been up all night and I’m having a slow start.” Are you kidding me?

The worst which probably looked like a scene from a comedy was getting into the car. I’m walking to the car with my breast pump in one bag and the diaper bag while pushing the stroller. Hubby is on the phone scheduled car maintenance and berating them for hanging up on him twice.

We get to the car and I gently put BG in the back and lock her in place then try to close the stroller and shove it in the trunk as the trunk is filled with my husband’s office stuff he brought home from the lay off. What is hubby doing? Still on hold with the car maintenance folks. I think I broke a sweat just getting to the car and packing everything in.

Hubby then looks at me as I close the trunk and asks why I’m not in the car already? Are you kidding me?

Aside from realizing that the majority of prep needs to be handled by mom and the unfortunate news of possible outpatient surgery, the trip went well.
BG even got a special one on one car ride with Dad while I was at the doctor’s.

Car Ride with Daddy
1 bottle, 2 diapers and 1 phone call. Unfortunately the Harley Davidson store was closed so Dad couldn’t show her around.

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott