Tuesday, August 12, 2008

P.E.N. Pump Eat Nap

1 Month and 5 Days

Today, we had a semi-decent schedule. I’m not sure if I’m getting used to it now, if we are just hitting a pattern, I’m able to discern some of the cries now, I finally got some much needed sleep or if BG is just growing bigger but it is beginning to feel manageable now. Watch, tomorrow I’ll be pulling my hair out.
Here is a rundown of today:
1:15am eats
1:30am pump
5am pump
5:20am eats
8-9:45am eats
9am pump
10-11 morning poop and nap
11am-12pm eats
12:15 Vitamin D walk
12:30-12:45pm eats (al fresco)
1-2pm eats
2pm pump
2-4pm nap
4-5pm eats
5-7:30pm nap
6:30pm pump
8pm bath & massage
8:30-9:30 eats
10-11:30 nap
11:30 eats
11pm pump

I think the day is going well as well because with DH’s help I spent last night sleeping and pumping. I slept in the living room next to my pump. Every time I woke up, I pumped and then immediately went back to sleep. I didn’t store the milk and clean the parts, I just sat up, pumped and then lay down and napped again.

DH spent the night in the bedroom with BG. He fed her EBM and soothed her to bed. I have a theory that since I wasn’t in the bedroom with them, she didn’t smell me and took to the bottle much quicker allowing for a smoother, late night diaper change, swaddle, feed, burp, sleep routine.

Then again, I may just be saying that so I can get another peaceful night’s pump and sleep session. :-D

Whatever reason it is, so far the day has been wonderful. In fact, we were able to take a few family photos after her late afternoon eats and I was able to emails some friends who thought I fell off the face of the earth.

I am proud to announce that I have at the present moment, their is 25 ounces of breast milk in my refrigerator which should be good for approximately 8+ feedings! It’s a start. It took me three days to build that up but two weeks ago, I never thought I’d get that much!


Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

I know this sounds ridiculous but it is true; if men occasionaly said, “Yes, Dear, “ coupledom would have one less disagreement or argument. Unfortunately, I married a man who does not understand this concept and must always question or comment my requests.

I can only use myself and my husband as an example so I will generically use ourselves as representatives of our respective gender.

I can be irrational. I can be neurotic. I can be anxious and worrisome. I know this. Sometimes, all I need from my male counterpart is to simply put my mind at ease. I don’t need to hear I’m irrational; just say, “Yes, Dear” and I will walk away feeling better.

When I say, “please just monitor BG,” I would like you to periodically check her throughout the day/night. Yes, I know you are standing in front of her, checking in on her. I’m not asking you to check on her at this moment. You are already doing so. I’m asking you to assure me that throughout the night/day, you will check in on her every now and then. By not saying, “Yes” but rather beginning a ‘discussion’ on your parenting skills and my lack of confidence or my nervousness, you are essentially making a very nervous mom lose any assurances. She will spend the rest of the night worrying and probably checking on the two of you.

Knee high socks
We put some knee high socks on your clammy feet. Your grandpa (Ye Ye) got them for you. They look like go-go boots on you. You look very snazzy.
First breast al fresco
During our Vitamin D walk, you cried continuously. Your diaper was fine and you didn’t look to be in pain. When in doubt, I give you the breast and so in the park on a bench by the Hudson River, I gave you some boob. It felt natural. I hope you got some food from it.
First family stroll in the park
Your dad wanted to take some pictures outside so we turned our Vitamin D stroll into a walk in the park.
First full set of stored breast milk in fridge
Mom gives herself a pat on the back. It was hardwork and it’s just a start but it’s a big step she’s very proud of reaching. Sure, it’s only enough to last a day but I didn’t think I’d be able to do that a few weeks back.

Baby Lessons:
A good day starts with a substantial AM poop.
So far I have noticed that a substantial poop after your morning breakfast leads to a generally good day tummy wise for you. Your comfort level increases and you seem to be a generally happy baby afterwards. Go AM poopies!
Baby books will make you obsess over things you shouldn’t be obsessing over.
The guidelines these books give you regarding milestones for breastfeeding, development and whatnot are ridiculous. You can say you realize that each child is different and that you will take that to heart but eventually you become so frazzled you rely on them too much. You want so desperately for someone to tell you things get better and that your actions are benefiting your child. You want to see progress but just like it’s hard to see physical changes in someone you are with constantly, it is hard to see these with your infant.

There are some things you will notice, like how she is much more alert or how she can now kick more forcefully but it’s harder to see notice how much taller she’s gotten or how much bigger she’s growing.

Still I try very hard not to obsess, especially over those growth charts. There are several different varieties and if you plot out your baby’s stats on each of them, you get a different percentile. I figure if the doc says she’s good, then she is doing well.