Monday, August 11, 2008

My Olympic spirit is in another time zone

1 Month and 4 Days

Today was an uneventful day. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst. I did get a chance to see that incredible 100m relay the USA men’s swim team did. Holy cow. That was an incredible finish. Go team USA.

Normally, I’m usually really into the Olympics. I check the schedule and make sure I tape segments I plan to watch but this year, I’m not sure if it’s because of my new priorities or the time difference or a bit of both that I’m not as enthusiastic.

I usually like the cheesy back stories NBC gives us. It seems every athlete has a hardship story to tell and it’s always told in the same way with dramatic close-ups and schmaltzy music.

This year, I’ve been happy just to see the opening ceremony. I’m not even taping the primetime events. I just don’t care to watch all of the filler or the events I’m not interested in. I tried. I was watching the men’s synchronized diving last night. That usually is interesting to watch but last night, aside from the Chinese duo, I really wasn’t thrilled. It seemed lackluster. Maybe the men’s relay spoiled me but I even watched that online and not on television.

I figure, I’ll read my news and if something truly amazing happens, I will catch it on the NBC Olympic website. I don’t need to sit and go through the filler parts I’m not interested in.

DH was curious to find out how so many parents and family can afford to attend the Olympics. We figure the medal contenders probably have sponsors that help finance their parents’ trips but the other families must either do fundraising or have money. I know if my daughter made it to the Olympics, I’d probably be selling my blood to go see her and finance her training.

BG pushed herself off the Boppy yesterday
DH simulates his shoulder with the Boppy. DH puts her arms over the Boppy and rests her chin on the edge. Today she used her legs to inch worm herself over the Boppy and onto the crib mattress. DH said she cooed a bit, projected herself over the Boppy like it was a hurdle and then fell asleep on the mattress. I hope this means she’s ready to sleep without that sucker.