Friday, August 15, 2008

Mothra is back...

1 Month , 1 Week & 1 Day

I finally started finalizing BG’s birth announcements. I started working on the template in June before I delivered but needed the photographs to input afterwards.

Here is the second draft. I’m quite impressed with the photos. It took a while, a lot of effort and several disagreements with DH, but we managed to take some professional looking photos by ourselves. I’m still fiddling around a bit with the layout but I hope to have it finished by this weekend.

On a side note, my husband has remarked several times that I take too many pictures. “Are you going to document everything?” “Yes, as much as I can.” Again, this is me wanting to remember everything. It’s also me wanting to capture as much as I can for fear that I may only have the opportunity to have one child. If I could, I’d set up the tripod and take a ton of pictures with her. As it stands, I’ll settle for the ton of pictures of her and her dad or just her that I can take. One day though, I’d love it if my husband would take some candid photos of me and her.

To save money, I plan on emailing it to family and friends. For those who do not have email, I will print it out on 5x7 photo paper and send it to them.

I’m also being ambitious and began work on the baptism invitations. We have not finalized a date yet but figured while I was in the designing mood, I’d start.

I’m not into big baptismal celebrations. I believe the baptism should be a shared event during mass on Sundays with the congregation but as for family and friends, only immediate family should be present. In fact, I’m not a big fan of the after baptism party.

My MIL is a different story. She already started discussing restaurants to hold the shindig. Even before our new financial situation, I’ve always planned to invite just the immediate family only. If they want to come over to the house for a light breakfast afterwards, they are more than welcome to but I’m not about to book a restaurant. Granted, I wouldn’t mind if the grandmas made the breakfast.

For the baptism, I’d love for our previous bishop to perform it but he was transferred to head the local seminary. I know he is a busy man and feel silly asking him to take time out of his schedule to baptize my daughter. My husband and several church friends say it isn’t silly and that it doesn’t hurt to try. I suppose it’s just getting the motivation to write a letter to him that is holding me back.

There is also the factor of me requesting the baptism take place at the chapel we attend rather than the parish church. The chapel is where my husband and I serve. I feel the baptism should take place amongst the congregation that knows us and cares for us.

So I sort of feel like I’m asking too much.

All in all, I’m fairly happy and excited that after a month, I’m nearly finished with her announcement. I know folks have been anxious. Between being a new mom, the breastfeeding hurdles and the other life events that happened, announcements were the last thing on my mind.