Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"A little better all the time. Better. Better. Better."

4 Weeks & 2 Days Old

Did another afternoon boob-in. Pumping today only yielded an average of 2 ounces/pump. I’m striving for 3-4 ounces/pump. I’m trying not to overanalyze though. BG is doing well. She’s pooped three times today and is peeing up a storm so she’s getting something from my breasts.

I have been struggling through the occasional pain I feel on my right breast. I’d like it to feel like my left breast. When BG latches or the pump sucks, I feel virtually nothing but a slight tugging. I am guessing that is how it should feel. My right breast though has this tight pain by the left side that sometimes becomes so annoying, I have to take a Tylenol. I’ve tried repositioning but it just leads to a more painful latch or connection to the shield on the pump. It’s always felt that way too. I’m not sure what else to try to alleviate the pain.

BG pooped on my hand twice this morning. I will say with all this newborn poop business, I really can’t look at mustard and honey mustard the same again. Good grief, every time I lifted BG’s legs up to wipe her bottom or stick a new diaper underneath her, she pooped. It got to the point where I wasted two diapers and a ton of wipes and paper towels. I was in awe and of course, BG quietly gazed up at me in complete relaxation. I had to chuckle about it later.

On an unrelated baby front, I finally saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It was funny but eventually sad, very sad. Hubby and I watched it during several breast pumps. How romantic. It was the ‘couple time’ we’d been wanting for a bit so we took it as a gift. BG was asleep and DH didn’t have to work or prepare for work so we sat in the darkness of the living room watching it on my laptop. The only distractions from our ‘couple time’ were the quiet whirring of the breast pump and baby monitor white noise filling the voids in dialog or singing.

First poop in my hand
Ok, first and second. Just as I removed the older diaper and put a fresh diaper underneath her, she let out a frothy poop that landed all over my hand. As I was wiping her back up, she did it again. I felt like she wasn’t going to stop. She felt so relaxed she was quiet the entire time. I wound up sanitizing my hands and donning gloves and pulling out a plastic bag to clean up the wipes and diapers that she soiled. The entire time I just kept thinking, “Yes, she’s pooping. I’m giving her nourishment. This is what I wanted.” I think that was my meditation mantra. Lol. By the way, it is so weird to see frothy poop. I’m not complaining. Formula poop is smellier but frothy yellow poop is just plain weird.

First use of the mobile
I actually think she likes it. She was quiet and mesmerized by the shapes moving around. I was able to gather the late night laundry Hubby has a tendency to scatter bottles, burp clothes, bibs and soiled kimonos and blankets everywhere. and set up her bathing towels before she lost interest.
Hubby and I hope the remote will come in handy when she first starts to fidget.

First time your dad and I could reverse spoon in bed
Ok, it lasted all but 15 minutes but it was cuddle time which counts. Of course, I couldn’t hold him as tightly as I had wanted as my breasts are super sore and sensitive but we spooned as tightly as we could.

First ‘couple time’ dad and mom had since BG’s arrival
The stars aligned. The laundry could wait. The dishes were in the dishwasher. Dad’s work could wait. For 45 minutes total, 15 minute blocks throughout the night, your dad and I got to watch a web movie and really pay attention to it. Baby talk and grown up responsibility talk was shelved and we felt like a couple with no responsibilities for a brief moment in time.