Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let the games begin...

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Have you guys seen the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony? I was in complete awe. I taped it to watch throughout the day as I breastfed BG. I’m glad I did. It was spectacular.

Oh and the parade of nations is the best thing to leave on while breastfeeding. You learn so many new countries watching it. I’m guessing Matt Lauer and Bob Costas were still suffering from sleep deprivation because their banter was less than stellar.

Anyway, the precision of the performers was incredible. I don’t think you could get that type of precision like that from anyone else. It seems like the entire Communist Chinese population are obsessive compulsive. Plus, everything was so on time, it looked like it was computerized but everything was done pretty much through manual operation. The most impressive to me was the precise circles created by the Tai Chi performers. With no markers on the floor, 2,008 men created numerous perfect circles and maintained them throughout the routine.

Oh, and nothing makes a breastfeeding woman cry more than watching the dramatic lighting of the Olympic Torch, hearing the story of the 9 year old boy that not only survived the horrific earthquake but also saved 2 of his classmates and watch the artistic message of working towards a better world for our children.