Friday, August 29, 2008


1 Month, 3 Weeks & 1 Day

It's been awhile. Last Friday our internet connection went down. It didn't come back up until Monday. I took the opportunity to do my annual sabbatical from the internet.

I spent most of the week trying to learn more about my daughter and soak up how much she's grown in the last 7 weeks. I believe she's almost 11 pounds. Before I know it she will outgrow size 1 diapers! I can visually see she's gotten taller. I pray she will be taller than her 5'3" mom. Her feet our outgrowing her size 0-3 socks. Her head is getting bigger but she still has a way to go to grow into her '1st NY Yankee's cap. Her hands are getting bigger and stronger everyday.

She is more expressive and vocalizes more often. Sometimes she vocalizes with cries but mom prefers the ooh, ahhs and coos, especially during our walks in the park.

She seems to be interested in items that light up or are lit, like our lamps. We're considering buying the fisher price stars on the ceiling thingamabob.

She's also increased her late night sleeping and decreased her late night feedings to twice a night.

I've also grown in mommyhood. With my sabbatical I stopped logging every feeding, every pump and every poop and let my instincts guide me. I'm not sure if this relaxed me or as someone suggested my surgery queued my body but I am very confident my daughter gets her nutrients from my breast. In fact, for the last few days, I've given her my breast exclusively. DH does gives her the bottle during late night feedings.

I'm pumping 3-4 times a day instead of every 3 hours and I'm not obsessing over quantity as much, although I do smile and pat myself on the back when I can get a whole bottle (4 ounces) in one pump.

I've been able to nap with my husband every night, except for two, and we're cuddling a bit more.

I'm still learning her queues but at the same time there are so many to learn. You get through one hurdle and then you are met with another and the questions begin.
Am I supposed to instill a schedule now? If yes, how when she's still eating every two hours? We have a sort of schedule. Baths, unless absolutely necessary, are done in the early evening before bedtime. Dad does the bathing and mom does the massaging. We read from a book every evening and change books once a week. Every morning, we rinse her face and change her clothes. In the evening we do the same but then swaddle and start 'quiet' time. Still, I'm not sure if she's process this yet. Plus the time fluctuates based on her naps and I'm not about to wake up my child.

Baby Lessons

How do babies know if you are sitting or standing?
She could be sleeping on my shoulder and the minute I sit down, she wakes up and fusses. It's incredible.