Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Empty belly equals all day fussiness

4 Weeks & 3 Days Old

Last night BG suffered from an upset empty tummy. Apparently, the nipple on one of the bottles of EBM was clogged with I guess separated fat and she kept sucking and sucking but not receiving any food. Poor hubby didn’t notice this until after the second time he gave her the bottle.

Obviously with an empty tummy she didn’t sleep very well and woke up at least 3-4 times within 3 hours. By the time hubby realized what was up, she was completely inconsolable. He gave her two bottles with free flowing milk but her digestive system was loopy.

This morning, I’m dealing with the ramifications. She’s cranky because she’s tired, her tummy hurts and she’s hungry. I’m hoping as soon as she poops, she’ll feel much better as the gas she ingested while sucking on the clogged nipple should have passed.

Right now she refuses to be anywhere but near my warm body. I think she likes the warmth on her tummy. She’s asleep now and her tummy is wrapped and against my waist. She still hasn’t pooped but she’s had tons of gas. I’ve turned off the a/c to help with the warming.

As if she could read my mind she just pooped a foamy mess. I just changed her wet diaper and placed her on the bouncy seat so I could grab a bit to eat when the wettest toot came from her. How does the digestive system of a newborn know to release as soon as a diaper has been changed?

Now she is insatiable. My breasts feel deflated but she keeps eating. I’ve given her bottles and breasts. I barely have time to pump now as she’s napping for only 30 minutes or less. I guess this is the growth spurt they warned me about or just her catching up from last night’s lack of eats.

Oh, I don’t know how I missed this but her left big toe had a nail so long, I could have painted it a french manicure. I blink and her nails grow to talons. I still haven't attempted cutting her nails. I've been filing them while she naps. How long can I get away with this method?

You tracked me!
After one of your meals you followed me as I moved my face to your left side and then to your right. I gave you a big smile and you gave me a gas smile back. I'll take it.

You gave me a smile while I put on my makeup
ok, it probably was gas but I thought it was humorous that you were interested in my face as I put on my mascara and some blush to look decent for my mom.

Baby Lessons:
A warm dry washcloth on your belly makes you feel much better
I usually cover your belly with a warm wet cloth during your baths. I tried the same with a dry warm washcloth to help with your tummy troubles today. You seemed to really enjoy that.