Saturday, August 16, 2008

A cleared nasal passage equals a better nap

1 Month , 1 Week & 2 Days

Today, I swaddled BG in her swaddle and then placed my husband's or my own worn t-shirt around her front to give her that really snug feeling while also keeping our scent close to her. Maybe it’s in my head but she seemed to like this comforting feeling and was able to relax more today. Although her naps didn’t last any longer, she did have several fairly deep naps.

I was able to finally print the announcements for about 16 folks that don’t have email and address envelopes for them. I also did some research on how to make rope rosaries that I plan to clip onto the baptism invites. I told you Mothra is making her way back from her sabbatical.

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

I’m feeling more confidence with breastfeeding BG. Although I still have occasional concerns she isn’t getting enough, the 2-3 poops she had today is assuring me she is getting her fix. Plus it usually happens midway through or after a feeding which in my mind means her digestive system is making room for the new eats.

I’m still pumping like a crazied vacuum addict. My newest neuroses is that I will not produce enough for her growth spurts. Since I believe she’s on the cusp of another one, (she drank 12 ounces last night much to the shock of my husband and myself), I’m trying to increase my pumping so that my supply increases. Nothing is worse than hearing your child cry like a banshee because she’s hungry and your breasts seem to be deflated. You feel like you’re not providing for your flesh and blood.

On the flip side, nothing feels so exhilarating and human than knowing and seeing your child thriving because of your ability to provide for her sustenance.

Baby Lesson:
If BG wakes herself up because her nose is all congested, keep he swaddled, bulb her and she will get back to sleeping within minutes of the removal. She'll cry bloody hell but she'll sleep fairly well afterwards. Oh, if possible get DH to do it.