Friday, July 04, 2008

Update: Mommy got some alone time and feels much better


Well your mom feels much better now. She still tenses when the phone rings, texts or an email chime rings but she isn't as anxious or angry.

Your mom took some advice and waddled out of the house and went to the local nail salon. She put her phone on vibrate (just in case your dad needed her), put on her headphones and read a trashy magazine that was 3 months old.

She got a foot massage, a pedicure and a manicure.

She then waddled to the local sushi place and got an avocado/cucumber roll, went to local supermarket, picked up some whole grain sunchips and just made it home and is awaiting your daddy to return from the gym.

We took the afternoon to do 'me' stuff and it felt great.

I think not only was I antsy but I just needed to get out of the apartment. I felt enclosed.

I'm guessing you are feeling more relaxed as well as you are really moving around now and you feel lower. Then again, around 8pm is when I feel you the most lately so who knows.

Anyway, your mom got a french mani and pedi which is something she rarely gets. She uses her hands too much to have a fancy manicure. Usually she just gets a nice coat of a neutral color so when it chips it doesn't look atrocious. However as these are the nails that may very well great you, and the toes that she will be staring at as she pushes you out, I figure they should look presentable.

I'm not saying a trip to a nail salon will solve everything but it did relieve some tension your mom felt today.

As your dad once told me, "Don't let them get you down. You're awesome and you are special. You have the power to change your attitude and your perspective." If you the last post was to remind you and warn you about the neuroses that can happen during pregnancy, this post reminds you that a little fresh air and some positivity make a world of difference.

Oh on another note, your daddy has become, "Caveman Provider". At least that's what it feels like.

Since last week, your dad has been on non stop patrol, preparation and protection duty. He checks on me nearly every hour. When I go to the bathroom, he checks in to see I'm ok. He won't let me do household work. He's taken care of meals, even cooking several of them. He has put together everything I've asked and even read the camera manuals twice over. He has buffered and become my body and brain guard and tonight, he's even suggested making his annual 6 hour meatball extravaganza. He makes a spaghetti and meatball dinner that takes 6 hours to make, every pot and pan in the apartment and too many spoons to count. It pretty tasty. It also happens once a year so your mommy smiles and waits patiently although hungrily for dinner at 10pm. Remember this when you are old enough to partake in this special meal.

Anywho, I suggested that he hold off on the dinner as it is now 9:14pm EST, the dogs need a walking and it's 9:14pm EST.

He plans to do this while you and I are in the hospital. He said he'll probably stay a night at the hospital but plans to go home to 'clean the house' for your arrival. His while-we-are-in-the-hospital list so far includes: Vacuum, Dust, Sleep, Cook Meatballs, Wash Dogs. I tried to tell him I need him well rested for your first few days home but he says he can do it.

I think your dad is excited and a bit ambitious but if I know him, he'll probably do whatever for you.