Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love Plus One

17 days old

Thankfully I made all those pre-meals and stashed them in the freezer. Originally I thought it would be for hubby to help make meals but if I wait for him to eat, it would be 11pm before I had anything in my tummy. He’s on a diet kick and rarely eats. With breastfeeding, the lactation physician said I need to eat balanced meals throughout the day.

I’d like to have a meal with my hubby where I’m not holding a child or breastfeeding and maneuvering the fork to avoid food spilling on her. Maybe in a few weeks, we’ll get to sit at our dining room table and enjoy a meal together. For now, I guess I’ll just have to make do with making meals for myself I can easily scarf down.

On a good note, I was able to get some sleep today. Hubby came home at 3am and I gave him BG to care for and shuffled to bed. I only woke up twice to pump.

Around midnight, the thunder and lightning was so intense that the two dogs came and sat huddled next to BG and me. Both of us were on the floor on a mat relaxing. BG takes to pressure on her tummy. I think it settles her as digestion can be a new experience for someone who hasn’t had to digest food in her entire life. Hubby figured out that if we lay her on the Boppy on an incline, it settles her tummy pressure and she relaxes. I think that’s hubby’s secret weapon.

Going back to the couplehood issues, I suppose, I just miss the closeness and intimacy I’m not referring to sex of being a couple. Just two weeks ago everything was about us. Now it’s about BG. I’m not resentful. I just would like some ‘us’ time.


I slept from 3am-7am with only two wake ups for pumping.

BG’s documents came in the mail. She’s official!