Wednesday, July 16, 2008

“Little steps. Little steps will lead us to big steps.”

9 days old

It is amazing how quickly you will make up a song for your child. Today I sang about little steps. I suppose it was a little mantra for myself.

I couldn’t handle 5-7 minute breast feeds/hour on top of regular feedings (apx takes 1.5 hours) and 15 minute pumping sessions afterwards. I just felt like I was living on the pump and nothing was coming out. I felt my negative energies pulling me down.

Instead I did what my body and mind thought was best. I am pumping every 2 hours and feeding her every 3 hours with my milk/formula either on the breast via a tube or when it’s my husband via the tube and his finger.

These 1.5 hour feedings though are torture. She just keeps sleeping and when I try to latch her, her free hand (the one not tucked under) flails all over my tender nipple.

I researched techniques to keep baby awake. We are no stripping her down to her diaper and cranking the a/c. When she starts sleeping I blow on her face or neck. If that doesn’t work, I lean back to make her suck on the boob more. If that doesn’t work, I run a cool washcloth around her face and neck. If that doesn’t work, I de-latch and burp her.

As for the latch, Beverly showed me how to get more boob into her mouth. Essentially, I need to use the heel of my hand on her shoulder blade and push her to my boob which is cupped into this bottom is inserted first position. I feel like I’m hurting her neck or spine but Beverly says she is fine.

Of course BG is compliant during the session. Now in the early morning hours she’s tugging on the tube and crying. Eventually we get it. I don’t think it is at 100% but ‘little steps’.

Hubby videotaped some of the session so I can refer to it later.
I’m working on the following:
I’m using Judy’s analogy of a burger to get the roll the breast into the mouth thing going. Thanks Judy.

Relaxing and increasing milk production
I’m taking Fenugreek and Milk Thistle. I left a message for a lactation consultant/MD to discuss testing my prolactin levels.

Relaxing and reducing time spent feeding at the breast
Currently it takes about an hour and half to get through 2 oz of milk/formula. It is not only tiring for BG but also for me. I don’t know how to reduce the time but I’m hoping the above two can help.

Oh, I received the August copy of Parents magazine today. On the cover, 5 Guilty Secrets of New Moms. This article fit me to a tee. It expresses everything I’ve been feeling these past few days.