Saturday, July 12, 2008

Knock knock. Who is there?

5 Days Old

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Visitors are inevitable and actually a small visit is welcome. As long as they are less than an hour, I think I can deal. Today we have two scheduled visits. One from BG’s Aunt M and Grandma J and another from Grandpa (aka Gung Gung) and Grandma (aka Paw Paw).

I asked Paw Paw to bring dinner. She happily obliged.

We wanted hubby’s half sister to come over to see her niece as hubby has always wanted more contact and interaction with his sister. Unfortunately circumstances prohibited this but these circumstances have changed and he’s hoping he can change them for the better.

I’m still swollen but my breast don’t hurt so much. I put on a brave front as this visit means so much for my husband. He gets a big gung ho though and ignores our daughter’s cries trying to spend time with his sister. I could have been nice and let him continue but I desperately needed a break and passed her over to him.

Mom came over and tried to give me instructions on the smorgasbord of food she brought over. I told her three times to not worry but tell my hubby as I am not in any state to remember anything. I also told her to spend time with her granddaughter.

Minutes later she tells me that I popped a blood vessel in my eye and I must have been pushing too hard. I look at he and smile feebly. I’m sure this will boost my spirits when I comprehend what she said.

She proceeds to tell hubby and I our daughter’s Chinese astrology horoscope and write her name in Chinese for us. She also plans her Chinese birthday dinner party. I tell her she can do what she wants but make it small and short. She obliges my request.

After a photo session by hubby, they leave with a final reminder not to deny my mother visitation rights to my daughter. I smile meekly and hubby rubs my back. “She’s not thinking of your needs but hers. Don’t stress. My job is to keep her at bay. Let me do my job.”