Sunday, July 13, 2008

just call me the church lady

6 days old

Went to the 11am mass. Hubby and I agreed prior to BG’s arrival that we’d try to make it to mass on Sundays. One of us would go the early morning mass and the other would go to the later morning mass.

Hubby woke up and knew it meant a lot to me to go to mass so he lovingly took BG from my arms. I slapped on a clean shirt, put my hair up in a ponytail (my new style by convenience) and made my way to church. It was a slow go because my stitches hurt but I got there and felt a jolt on energy return to me.

Aside from mass, we also make it a point to stroll around the block once a day with BG to avoid claustrophobia. This is especially hard to do as there is no such thing as a schedule when you’ve got a newborn, you’re a new parent and you’re trying to breastfeed.

I showed off my BG at mass through pictures and made my way home knowing I have become one of those parents that shows strangers their kid photos. I grin knowing I don’t care. Everyone should see how precious and beautiful she is.

The sun rays replenish me.

First bath