Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is there something wrong with my boobs?

8 days old

Hubby and I established another pattern. He handles the 1-4am shift most of the time and I handle the 4-10/11am shift. I still get up to pump and/or feed (much to the chagrin of my husband) but if I want production to develop, I need to. I don’t think he understands the supply/demand end of BF’g.

Anyway, so far the late shift hasn’t been consistent. Some days it’s great. Some days it’s horrible. I guess that’s a pattern, sort of.

It’s funny how much as a new parent I’m looking for a pattern. Every book has guidelines. Everyone has signs to look for. It’s not that I’m trying to be normal. It’s that I want some logic in my topsy turvy life.

Today I met with the lactation consultant, Beverly. She was sweet and patient. She measured BG. She lost more weight. She told me we need to boost her weight now. She watched me feed her, gave me latching tips and tips to keep her awake. She also listened to my concerns about my milk production. She calmly gave me herbal recommendations and a physician reference to check my prolactin levels.

She also should us how to tube feed more food (formula/breast). She also recommended a hospital grade pump. She gave hubby tips on burping and soothing her and gave me homework.

Focus: Priority is to feed the baby. Second priority is stimulate my milk production.

For feeding the baby:
Feed her 60 mL of supplement (pump breast milk or formula) every feeding.

For milk stimulation:
Rent a hospital grade pump.
For the next ten days I feed her every 2 hours, pump for 15-20 minutes after.
During waking hours, she would like me to also pump for 5-7 minutes to stimulate my boobs.
Take 3 fenugreek and 2 blessed thistle 3 times a day.
Call and speak to the lactation physician specialist to determine whether or not I should get my prolactin levels checked.

I told her about my feelings on fear of inadequacy because of the milk production. She calmly told me that every woman feels this way. She can’t say if there is a problem but she said focus on the objective first is the baby.

I wasn’t 100% better after she left but I did feel better sharing my apprehensions and feelings to her and since she was a relationship with BG’s pediatrician, I felt the coordinated care would be good for BG.

This time I asked hubby to stay with me during the entire session. He obliged and put me to ease.

Today’s motto: Take it one day at a time and feed the baby.