Friday, July 25, 2008

God has heard

18 days old
Pumping after every feeding is getting difficult. BG averages feedings every 2.5 hours. This doesn’t give me much time to settle her, pump and get ready for her next feeding. Forget about showering.

Today she was more alert so after the feedings, I placed her on the bouncy seat and swing and was able to pump and talk to her without her pitching a fit. I was able to pump within an hour of feeding which was great. If she keeps being so alert, it may be time for me to get a mobile and activity mat as well.

We’ve been doing tummy time together which she likes but an activity mat might help out. There are so many out there though. The mobile and activity mats are the two items I’ve held off on because of the limited shelf life and the outrageous variety available at the baby stores.

Right now, I’m leaning towards the Boppy version of the activity mat because she’s so fond of the Boppy I use for BF’g. Hubby puts her on it tummy side down to help alleviate the tummy distress she sometimes gets. Hubby swears she has his tummy. I think she’s just not used to digestion. She’s never had to digest anything until 18 days ago.

In just 18 days, I feel as if we both have learned so much. Parenthood is definitely a trial by fire but the rewards are great and they come everyday. Every day I see her changing. I learn something new about her. She’s incredible. Her body and her mind are so busy learning and growing; heck, I’d be a bit verklempt and be without words myself. I suppose crying would be the only way I could express myself.

Anyway, I was thinking all this and wondering if she really recognizes me. I mean, am I just the lady with the milk and clean diapers to her? Am I the person that hovers over her at night to make sure she’s safe and ok? Am I the person that forces her to take a bath when she clearly would prefer not to? Am I the person who later gives her the massage that she seems to like? Who am I to her? I guess I’ll never know.

I do know she’s my blessing. She’s my blessing from God and I’m very thankful. Each day I am in awe at the gift I was given and I pray that I am given the knowledge, strength and patience to help this little being grow to share the love that brought her here with others.


BG wore her first pair of socks, pink of course.

First time outside in the Baby Bjorn with mommy.

First walk through the flower/herb garden in our neighborhood park.