Thursday, July 31, 2008

Counting to 3

3 Weeks & 3 Days Old

Today was a trying day. I think I’m going batty. I can’t tell is she’s hungry or tired at this point. She hasn’t pooped since two days ago so she’s beside herself. We’re weaning off the SNS and today she can’t stand the fast flow of the tube. It’s a good sign but she’s not getting the milk fast enough via the breast. We’re still learning sucking techniques. So she’s cranky, hungry and because she’s on the boob for an hour, she is tired and grumpy.

Plus, I think she’s got a growth spurt going. Oh and apparently, she doesn’t want to be put down today nor does she want me to sit unless she’s attached to my very used breasts. So now, I’m typing this standing up with her on the Bjorn hoping she’ll take a nap. She desperately needs a nap. She’s not in a good mood for feeding.

She was on my boob from 3 to 5pm. She still was crying so at 6pm I relented and gave her a bottle of breast milk. I’m hoping she’s going to nap now and then I can pump my breasts.

Oh, did I mention Con Edison knocked on my door. Apparently, the work they are doing for the building next door affected us. They severed a main gas line and now they need to inspect all gas stoves before they restart the gas in my building.

Guess we’ll order in tonight as it’s 6:30pm and they have yet to make it to my apartment again.

Anyway today nothing I do is fulfilling her needs so I’m feeling a bit done. I’m so obsessed with her eating and pooping at this point, I seriously need some adult talk to give me perspective.

First day mom felt she didn’t know what to do to make you feel better.
First rejection of the SNS Feeding tube.
Now if we can only get the breast sucking in sync.