Friday, June 27, 2008

Our first kiss...


Today I thought about my first kiss with your dad. I think it popped in my head because I realized this morning, that I hope to give you your first kiss in 7 days. I feel like I’ve known you forever, ok, all your life at least, and I’ve spoken to you, shouted my love for you, rubbed you and I guess cradled you but have yet to kiss you.

What I remember the most about the kiss was how warm, safe and enveloped I felt in your dad’s arms. Maybe I was innocent or it was kismet, that day we kissed, I knew your dad wouldn’t be one of those guys that would hurt me or break my heart.

I remember feeling a bit nervous and scared right before. I think we both knew a kiss was going to happen. It was an ideal now or never moment, I suppose. I will tell you the story one day.

I remember he put his hand around my neck gently and pulled me close and then he kissed me. And I kissed him back.

It took a bit of time after that for your dad and I to become official. We both felt very muddled. Well, your dad felt very muddled. Your mom wishfully thought we would somehow get together. We were both young and wanted to clear our closets before we moved to the next level. I guess deep down inside, we both knew something special was there and we should both start on a clean page.

Now, in approximately 7 days your dad and I are starting another chapter in our book of love. This chapter is totally new for both of us and I guess for you too. I hope you feel as warm and secure as I felt when we first kiss and hold you.

I’m going to shower you with kisses all over and my arms are going to envelope you. I know I’ll want to shield you and protect you and keep you safe, as safe as I felt the first time your dad kissed and held me.

I look forward to our first kiss, baby girl.