Thursday, June 12, 2008

If I were a witch, I'd be nose-twitching Samantha Stephens


Baby girl,
I’ve hit the point in the pregnancy where I am so big and so uncomfortable, I really can’t do much more than sit or lie in bed.

Still, I’ve got so much to do but I know physically I can’t. Your dad is doing most of the work.

The last thing I was able to do completely was stock the freezer with a ton of meals for your dad. I have two more meals I want to do but I think I can do that this week.

Right now, I can’t though. I woke up with such a weird feeling. My cervix hurts and I really can’t move that much without feeling discomfort.

If I could, I would wave a magic wand and my hospital bag would pack itself.

I’d like to pack the bag tonight when your dad gets home.

We sorted your clothes last night. Dad thinks it’s a Mothra thing but I told him that all moms sort the clothes. First of all you won’t need your 6-9 mth size clothes for a while so it’s best to pack them away for the interim. Second, we probably want to exchange the many pretty outfits folks got you that are newborn sized. Yes you are a newborn but a little bigger size would last longer. Plus, it would be easier to put on and in all honesty, you really don’t need 10 dress outfits. I’m pretty sure you’ll prefer the sleepers for the first few months.

Your mom has been staying hydrated and trying to stay in the cool indoors. The heat is a doozy. Your dad has been a darling and doing a ton of work. So far the list still includes:

1. Wash your clothes
2. Pack hospital bag
3. Pack bag for daddy
4. Pack diaper bag
5. Inspect car seat
6. Exchange some items at Macys, Baby Gap, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby
7. Wash mommy’s clothes
8. Cook chicken and stash in freezer
9. Put together poop duty area
10. Put up new shades in bedroom
11. Put together play pen
12. Put together bouncy seat

I’d like to complete as much as possible by this weekend but that requires a lot of help from your dad.

We had a 4d scan completed this week of your face. It was part of your dad’s First Father’s Day present. Your dad kept smiling. I think he’s really excited to finally meet you. I’m pretty excited for your dad’s first Father’s Day. I know it’s not a super big holiday but it’s your Dad’s day. That’s something pretty special especially since everyone has been doting on you and me for the past few months. I want to celebrate how important it is to be a dad.

We are both praying you will be introduced to the world in 3-4 weeks. Yes, it will be tough for me but the longer you simmer, the better for you and us. We want you to be as healthy as possible.

Plus, we need the weeks to prepare the world for you. Enjoy the sublet, Baby Girl. You are welcome to it.

Oh, our first family photos came out perfect. Your uncle did a great job taking photos of the three of us in our neighborhood park. I made a little brag book for your grandparents but saved a few just for us to share. It’s our first family portrait and I think we make a very good family photo even if I do say so myself.