Monday, June 16, 2008

Honey, Western Union doesn't need to be contacted before the baby is born


My husband has an obsession. He feels that he needs to call everyone as soon as I am in labor.

I’m not sure why. I have already asked that no one come to the hospital until either the next day or at least 12 hours after to allow me absorb everything, bond with the baby and my husband and get some rest.

I don’t think he understands I want downtime. I’m going to be exhausted. Emotions are going to be high. We need time to absorb it.

The one thing that I wished my husband understood about our wedding was how little time I had with him. Every time I wanted him to spend some couple time to absorb everything, he was busy running around getting a camera or finding a battery or making sure his mom’s husband was ok because he had a stomach ache.

All I wanted was 10 minutes alone without worrying about something but absorbing the time together. 30 minutes before we were separate people. Now we are considered a unit. I’m guessing when our baby arrives it will be similar.

I’m not sure why he doesn’t get it. Is it an emotional thing? He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. Maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable about it.

Anyway, now he wants to call his estranged father’s wife who recently emailed me to ask me to let her know when she can visit to see the baby. I told her I’d call her when the baby arrives so she is aware. Hubby now wants to call her as soon as labor sets in.


What is this fascination with telling everyone I’m in labor? Labor can last forever. Afterwards, I don’t want anyone visiting right away. What is the point?

Am I being a grouch about this? I just don’t understand why he is obsessed with calling people when I’m in labor. The only person he should call is my doctor.

After the baby is born, we have emails and text messages set to be sent. (Yes, we are geeks.) We also have a list of phone numbers to call as well. That’s fine.

How do I get this through his head? There were two people present during the conception. There should be two people present at the delivery and subsequent initial bonding moments.


After posting, I thought about it. Maybe he's just so gosh darn excited he wants to tell the world? Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh but I'm still very protective of my privacy. I'm still not sure how to approach this without busting any excitement he may have.