Monday, June 16, 2008

Even in my dreams, I think about poop


I’m having strange dreams again. This time, I had to poop and your dad kept coming into the bathroom and interrupting me. I woke up screaming, “Get out!” Your dad was knocked out cold and didn’t hear a thing.


Your dad’s first father’s day was spent doing what he wanted to do, absolutely nothing. No running around doing errands. No preparations for your arrival. No household chores. He said he wanted this first father’s day to be a quiet day as his subsequent father’s days would probably involve a lot of planned activities. In fact, he wanted us to nap so we napped mid-day. It was actually a very nice nap. Your dad placed his hand on my belly and felt you moving around for a bit. Then he moved over and I placed my belly on his arm and while we slept he said he felt you moving around again. That was when your mom slept the best. I guess, it felt good that your dad was kind of buffering you. I felt like you were protected on all sides and I could really relax and nap.

Your dad also liked his present very much. I put it in your crib and he immediately saw it and opened it up. I think he really needed a day of nothing. After church, we had breakfast and just spent the entire day together do nothing and not planning anything. I’m actually thinking that the last few weekends have been chock full of planning, preparation and chores that scheduling a do nothing weekend day at least once a month may be a good thing. Of course, that is easier said than done. If I plan to schedule a mom and dad day, I think I can schedule a do nothing day. We’ll see.