Saturday, June 28, 2008

6 baseball players, 1 laughing idiot


Super strange dream last night.

I dreamt, my brother, my husband and I were part of a old timer’s baseball game. It wasn’t regular baseball. It was more like a minor league fun game in between a major game but with major athletes.

All the action took place in centerfield. The three of us were positioned in left field, myself, my brother and hubby respectively.

Now here is the funky part, it was Frisbee baseball or at least some sort of variation that looked more like a carnival game. Several ‘pitchers’ evenly distributed between the Mets and the Yankees would let loose an orange or white/blue Frisbee towards center field. At center field were 6 targets. Each target had an old timer professional baseball player. They were stacked in 3s. To the right of the 6 old timers was their team captain in a giant standing box that looked like a carnival dunking booth. He was in charge of resetting his players if they were knocked down. The team captain was Don Mattingly. To the right of the team captain was the mascot audiences voted on. I’m guessing it isn’t the most loved mascot as the poor mascot would get beaned often. In my dream, it was a red robin that sort of looked like the San Diego chicken.

To restack players, the entire ‘rack’ would fall over, including the mascot and team captain. In essence, they’d fall and land horizontally on the floor but the team captain would wind this giant crank in his box while lying horizontally and like a stack of clown heads in a shoot ‘em up carnival game, they’d pop up vertical again. Don was really good at resetting everyone.

Anyway, if that wasn’t strange enough, the reason I had to share this dream was not because of the absurd game my brain created but because of what happens next.

A barrage of orange and white/blue Frisbees are streaming at the 8 characters. At one point, the three of us get into the action although my Frisbees keep arcing to the left and missing badly. Only three characters were hit. Don gets ready to reset his players for the next ‘inning’. He flips the switch, everyone topples over. He cranks the windup doodad and everyone pops up like wooden soldiers. Everyone except for the baseball player closest to us who grabs his left knee, hops on his right knee, exposes his untied cleat and unceremoniously falls over to his left side in a cloud of dirt and dust.

The entire stadium is laughing uproariously. Being the person that I am, I laughed the hardest. My brother muffled his laughter but I couldn’t contain it. I hid behind his linebacker physique and tried desperately to hold in my laughter which made it that much worse.

Then out of nowhere, in his deadpan sarcastic way, hubby turned to the player and said, "Sure you’re up for another year there, Ernie?" My brother busts out laughing and I go into a convulsions, tears streaming down the face laugh where your stomach muscles hurt but you just can’t stop.

Ernie looks up a little embarrassed but smiles and chuckles himself and tips his hat to the audience.

Then in my head I could hear the tv commentators chatting it up about the fall and replaying it over and over, as if they were John Madden going crazy with his screen-pen. His name was Ernie Camarante. I have no clue if that is a real baseball player but I remember the tv commentator saying Ernie took a bad fall.

I have no idea why I thought this was so hysterical. The gentlemen was supposed to be an old timer but apparently was considering signing on for another season, hence hubby’s comment. He looked like a cross between Reggie Jackson and Carl Weathers and took the fall in stride. I felt like I was being rude but it was so gosh darn funny. If I fell like that, I think I’d pee myself from laughing so hard.

Anyway, what made me remember this dream was the fact that I woke up laughing. I was laughing in my dream and in real life. I was clutching my belly because I was laughing so hard. My husband slept through it but I woke myself up laughing and had to do a serious waddle to the bathroom for fear I might wet myself.

So there you go, another weird dream during pregnancy. I have no idea what it means but I thought I’d share.