Friday, May 16, 2008

Third Trimester Symptoms Starting.


I have hit that stage of the pregnancy where although I’m feeling good, I’m not loving the symptoms. My back is more sore. My temperature fluctuates. At night, it’s worse. I swear I could heat a sandwich between my hands. My crotch is sore. According to my doctor, this is because my pelvic joints are loosening and preparing for Miss Bean. My ribs are starting to spread out and that hurts too.

Oh and yesterday, I left my office, went to the bathroom, went downstairs and cut across 2 buildings towards the bus stop and had to double back to a bathroom.

Thankfully, I’m grateful I haven’t experienced other crazy pregnancy symptoms.

I do love the jiggling Miss Bean has been doing. She’s pretty acrobatic and she’s not playing with her dad. If he taps, she taps back. It’s really cute. The other night while I was sleeping, hubby said he was playing tag with Miss Bean.

I’m trying to write my list of things to pack for the hospital. I’m really procrastinating. 1. I hate packing. 2. I feel like it makes me realize soon I will no longer be pregnant. I know that sounds crazy. I just love this feeling of being so close to my baby.

I also think it’s a little of, I was apprehensive of pregnancy and I’m doing it. Next on the unchartered territory, labor, delivery and then motherhood.

Hubby says in a few weeks, the pregnancy experience is not going to be as lovely as it is now. I’ll be ready for the next chapter in this crazy rollercoaster. I know he’s right.

Third Trimester Secret:
Around your third trimester your clothes will get tighter. It's as if manufacturers have an expiration date on their clothes.

During this time, you'll want to save your money to stock up on baby supplies not maternity clothes you'll most likely wear for a very short period of time.

My button down shirts are suffering the most. I look so disshelved. I'm carrying in the front and Miss Bean shifts sides throughout the day so throughout the day my belly is lopsided. This is made more apparent by the shifting of the buttons on my shirt.

Remember this when you buy clothes. Don't buy too many and buy some a bit bigger than you are so you have enough clothing throughout the pregnancy.