Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pregnancy Dream #


I responded to an audition for a student film. They needed a woman walking their dog for a scene.

I’m suddenly in a quiet hilly street in Brooklyn. It reminds me of a street in a suburban working class neighborhood in the Bronx or Brooklyn. We were at the top of a large hilly street. The north west corner had a corner deli with an old 7up logo awning. The southwest corner had a small white wood paneled duplex house. Apparently it is a famous street in Brooklyn. I think Union Street was one of the cross streets. It was as famous as Lombard in San Francisco.

The director has me walk diagonally with my dog towards to the deli but then head down the steep hill.

Next scene, I’m in a library with a bunch of student directors. They need me to read items off of books they are pulling from the stacks.

As they have give me books, I notice that the cover of the book does not match the contents of the book. The young directors didn’t believe me. Finally they gave me a book with a cover that matched its content. When I opened it, it reminded me of the John Hopkins Body Diagrams book my father gave me. I remember it was medical based. The director sitting down to the right of me, turned to the back cover and showed me a different cover for the book. I told him for certain I knew this was wrong.

I told him to give me the book code and I’d check the card catalog.

I memorized the book code,

I kept repeating it in my head.

I made it to the old wooden card catalog table, pulled the drawer out and instead of index cards, it was stacks of ground beef cataloged in cellophane. This particular drawer had ground beef from 1973. It didn’t smell and it didn’t look bad.

I didn’t think anything of it and I pulled out the meat that matched the code, and on the label it said, 1973 $1.93.

Hubby then woke me up and I muttered my way to the bathroom saying