Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Does my insurance cover a masseur?


If there is one thing I learned during this week’s childbirth class, it was the magic and power of the massage. Holy moly, the instructors guided our husbands on massage techniques that will help during active labor.

Forget active labor, if my husband massaged me every day like he did at the class, I’d be a happy camper. Most of it focused on the back but there were several limb and acupressure points that were so soothing. My favorite position is the pelvic press.

We also learned breathing techniques that I’ve sort of forgotten. I think there was a waltz breath and a Sshh breath, I think. I hope hubby was taking notes. After the massage segment, I forget everything else.

I’m not so afraid of labor now but I’m still anxious. I try to remind myself though that tension will only lead to a harder labor which we’re trying to avoid.