Thursday, April 10, 2008

Victoria's Secret is bringing sexy back to functional boobs


I’m researching breastfeeding and breastfeeding equipment. Since clothing is on my mind, I’ve been thinking about nursing bras and tops.

We’ve got some great options nowadays but the bras themselves are less than attractive.

I asked my husband a while ago why didn’t Victoria’s Secret make nursing bras. He responded, “They don’t want their clientele to know a possible consequence for their actions while wearing their lingerie.”

Good point, I suppose, but someone at VS must have heard me because they now sell nursing bras and tops!

They are pretty cute too.

Of course this new find is not sitting well with my hubby. Apparently, the cute leopard bra is just too sexy for his daughter’s eyes. “Marketers are going to inundate her with sexual references at an early age. There is no need to assist them. A sensible white nursing camisole will be fine."

By the way, I could only hope my stomach snaps back to such a sexy state as the model's. Couldn't VS hire real moms for their nursing photo shoots?