Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saved money but increased aggravation


I’m not one to recommend or rant about a company or organization unless it is something that is either spectacularly phenomenal or horrendous. Unfortunately I nothing positive to say about Cigna’s Tel-Drug service.

I used to be an Oxford member. They used Medco for their mail in drug service. You saved on repeat medications. Customer service was courteous and informative and delivery was always within 3 days.

Cigna has comparable savings but their customer service and delivery is less than desirable.

I first ordered my prenatal vitamins through their mail in service in December. They sent me the incorrect medication at the end of January. Thank goodness I had samples to tied me over. They gave me such a hard time, I wound up crying to the nurse at my doctor’s office who called them immediately to remedy the problem. Unfortunately Cigna’s error cost me not only my time and my first pregnancy emotional breakdown but also $50.

Now, with the refill, I received a call to remind me to reorder. I thought this might be a good sign that the horrendous service a few months back was a fluke. I immediately reordered my vitamins.

Three weeks later, I’m still waiting for my vitamins and I’m completely out. Thankfully, the mix up from December/January led to me having another prenatal vitamin saved as a backup.

I called Cigna and the representative tells me that someone cancelled my order. I asked who and when and why I wasn’t notified. She places me on hold and then comes back and says she doesn’t have that information but Cigna would pay for next day shipping to ensure I get my vitamins as quickly as possible. Standard shipping takes 14 days minimum.

I tell her nicely that this is the worst service I’ve ever had and that if this medication was my heart medication or diabetes supplies, Cigna would be in serious violation of patient safety.

She processes my request immediately and then tells me with next day shipping, I should expect my order within 7-10 days as it takes the pharmacy a while to process my order.

Let this be a lesson for anyone thinking of using Cigna Tel-med, do so at your own risk. If it is a serious medication, don’t try to save money. Go to your local pharmacy. You will save yourself time, aggravation , money lost because of silly errors and possibly additional health issues.