Monday, April 07, 2008

Pregnancy Dream #62


I dreamt my husband was suckling on my left breast.

I'm not talking sexy breast play. I'm talking his head, shaped like a baby suckling on my left breast for nourishment.

I was still pregnant and I remember asking him why he was trying to get milk and he said that it made him feel good and that even though I wasn't producing yet, I would soon.

He put his head back down and continued to suckle while holding onto my right breast with his left hand.

I just stared at him and the back of his head looked like a newborn's head.

I have no idea what that means. I know I've been worried about milk production but I'm fairly certain that I'll be able to produce enough for Miss Bean.

What I do recall was how soothing it felt to pacify my husband. He seemed pretty calm after suckling.

By the way, the strangest thing about the dream was not that I was still pregnant or that he was trying to feed off me but that he had a full grown man's face on a baby's head. Soft baby tuft hair and a grown man's face on a round baby's head. Oh, and he had full grown man hands. I mean wrinkly man hands, not soft cute, tiny non-existent fingernail baby hands.

Imagine your spouse's head on a baby. Do you have the image? Try to erase it now. You can't. I've done my deed and shared my bizarre image.