Friday, April 25, 2008

Pregnancy Dream #523


I've had two bizarro dreams of late. They were back to back. The most recent involved my husband and I getting into an argument in front of my doctor and his medical staff. It was so nutty that the staff couldn't help laugh at the insanity. I myself, in the dream, was so hurt and angry, I didn't know what to do.

Apparently, I was hurt that hubby said I was too big and would never be the same woman he knew before the pregnancy. I was so angry and hurt. He was doubly angry because he felt he shouldn't have to lie and I shouldn't react like that. He felt it wasn't like he said he wouldn't love me or didn't love me. He was merely saying that I wouldn't be the same girl he knew before.

We left the office, which was in a strange building and I spent the entire time trying to navigate us through strange halls and elevators and tunnels to our car. Since he had no sense of direction, he kept relying on me to get us out of the building but I was so hurt that I couldn't think straight. I finally got him to the car and then realized I left my coat with my id and wallet at the doctor's office.

I had to make my way back through the scary building by myself while he waited for me in the car. I started making my way through the building and all these strange men started appearing out of the woodwork. Elevators would open to reveal empty shafts. Sheetrock walls would appear out of nowhere cutting me off from my intended route.

I tried hard not to panic and be rational. Meanwhile in the back of my head I pictured my husband getting irate that he was waiting for so long. He began to stew and boil over because we were still technically fighting.

Just as I made it to the lobby, the main entrance was blocked by some avant garde sculpture artist and his works. I had to weave my way out of his artwork towards the door while a strange man in a wrinkly suit chased me from behind. Then I woke up. It was a nutty dream.