Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pregnancy Dream #322


Hubby and I are fighting off zombies. Hubby is in the bathroom fighting off a zombie.

I run down the hall to the bedroom and poke the bed and find three zombies awaiting under the sheets. I get up. For some reason I show them my rosary beads. They look at me, look at each other and continue to move towards me. I run to the bathroom looking for something to bash them in the head because I recall in the movies, you are supposed to bash zombies in the head.

I look at hubby and he’s still fighting off the bathroom zombie. I can’t find anything and head down the hall again to search for something when I see the three zombies grab a large black pipe. The cooperate together to carry this pipe and move towards me.

I wake up and begin to search my brain for a zombie movie where the zombies were intelligent enough to cooperate to attack a non-zombie. Seriously, can anyone think of a zombie movie where the zombies were smart?