Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another kooky dream...


I had another weird dream last night. This time, it was a fun weird dream. Your dad, your uncle, Po Po and Gung Gung were in a real life video game. The game was created by geeks into 4th dimensional planes. Every level had a different logic or thinking task. We all had to use our brain to get through the game which lead us into different hallways and different rooms that seemingly didn’t connect but did.

We were playing with thousands of other players. At first I thought speed was key but towards the end it seemed like speed was a factor but getting to the solution was most important. Your dad and I pounced on the challenge. It was high stress but it seemed like fun.

At one point, we added a person to our team. She was a woman with short, dark hair. She looked European, possibly French. She passed out during a challenge but I think that was part of the challenge. The card with hints said we had to wait for EMS. Your dad kept calling 911 while I held her head up and fanned her. At first I thought this was part of the game to test our patience, then it dawned on me that this may be part of the test. I looked at the hint card again and it said that a Dr. S is trying to make his way through the maze to get to us. That’s when I realized
Dr. S wasn’t a stranger but an acquaintance of mine.

I ran back into the maze and found him and grabbed his hand and ran him into our section. He said he had to go to the bathroom but I told him to wait. Why I remember this is beyond me. I also remember going to the bathroom while in the maze.

He ran with me but he looked different. He had the same face but he had a white lab coat on, a stethoscope and a black medicine bag. As he entered the room, the European lady regained color in her face and woke up. I thanked Dr. S and told everyone I’d direct him back to where I plucked him so he could finish his game. I grabbed his hand again and walked him back towards the midpoint when the hall changed and I fell into a hole. I screamed I apologized I must have taken him to the wrong area. He was left above as I tumbled down. It looked as if I was in the sky falling. Clouds and blue were whizzing by me. In front of me was a giant primary color activity mat for a baby. I kept trying to grab for it but could barely touch it.

I kept thinking I let Dr. S down and I let my family down who was waiting for me to continue on. Then something told me this was part of the game. Something told me I couldn’t get hurt seriously from the fall from the sky if I used my brain. If I could make it ok to the ground, I could somehow find my family again.

I kept thinking of ways to slow myself down and then as if I was the Cat in the Hat, I pulled an umbrella from my back and opened it. It slowed my momentum just in time to gently land on a beach.

To either side of me were groups of individuals who seemed elated and overjoyed. I
looked down and found myself on my knees at the shore on the wet sand. The tide kept creeping in but it felt good. The smell of the salty sea air seemed to invigorate me up.

I spread the wet sand out in front of me and under a thin layer was a rounded square rock. I lifted it up and the imprint on the wet sand said something along the lines of ‘I have completed my journey. Success is yours. Smile.”

As soon as I finished reading it, the tide came in and washed it away.

I smiled and laughed and immediately wondered if my family would get here. Something told me that the last test was an individual test. We all had to go it alone. We all had to fall and find a way to soothe ourselves.

I looked to my left and didn’t see my family. Most of the people started walking away from the beach.

I looked to my right. The crowds started moving toward the left walking past me hugging and smiling. Then in the far distance I saw my husband’s brown leather jacket. He was limping with a crutch on his right side. He was also being supported by a man on his left. It was my brother. I ran to them and smiled. They had made it.

We hugged an shared our exhaustion. As we began to walk, we both hoped our parents would make it and then I woke up.