Monday, April 28, 2008

9 months, 1 carryall


I have officially hit the point in a pregnancy where you’ve been pregnant for so long, you don’t recall what your body was like pre-conception.

This realization happened this morning as I was hauling my tummy out of an elevator. As the elevator became more and more crowded, it dawned on me I couldn’t do my usual make yourself skinnier move. You know the move. You angle yourself and suck in your tummy and contract yourself.

Now, if I try to contract myself, I pretty much stay the same shape. My belly is its own entity. Miss Bean is Miss Bean hanging out in my body. It’s shared space.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Miss Bean. What does she look like? What is her personality? Is she more like her dad? Is she more like her mom? I know all these answers will come soon enough. It’s has just been so long since I’ve visibly seen her so my imagination runs wild. Plus she does like to bop around in my belly. She particularly likes my ribs on the right hand side.

Miss Bean, your dad spent all Saturday/Sunday setting up your crib. He started late at night around 11pm and didn’t finish until 4am. Your dad has a knack for starting things at odd hours. You’ll find out soon enough. Anywho, he finished it at 4am after two snack breaks and a reinstallation of your bed frame.

I must say you have a snazzy bed. It’s pretty grown up, I must say. I hope you like it. As soon as we finish setting up your bed, I’ll post a picture. Oh, we’ve moved from pink to yellow bedding now too.

Your dad and I are still debating your stroller. We have the snap and go for your immediate use but we’re debating a travel system versus a lightweight stroller. I am leaning towards an under 17 lb model. Your dad wants the travel system but I think 30 lbs is too heavy.

Of course, your dad and I, in true style, have taken to the streets and have gotten reviews from everyone we’ve met with a stroller. So far I have a majority of votes on a light weight model. Your dad though has the vote of a seasoned couple with two kids who loves their travel system.

I think your dad is slowly siding with me. Honestly, 30 lbs before you even get to sit on it is too heavy for your mom to use in a cramped city.

Your mom was completely unaware of all the equipment and gear you would need, Miss Bean. Honestly, I didn’t know we’d need so much stuff. Your dad thinks slinging you around in a papoose is fine. I’m sure this was back in the days but in a city where people bump and push and shove, I’m not too keen on the idea. Still he wants one, a manly one so we hope to get a Bjorn for your dad. You’ll get to be close to your dad’s chest. You’ll be all snug and comfy.

Back to your current carry-all, your mom has been having fun trying to figure out what limb is what. Sometimes my belly tightens up and I can feel what feels like your head or it could be your butt. I have no clue what is what now. If you can throw me a bone so I know if I’m rubbing your head or your tush.