Friday, April 25, 2008

70 days left


Give or take, I suppose.

I'm officially grouchy but hanging in there. My lower back aches more. I am beginning to feel the pressures of preparing the nursery, buying supplies and packing my hospital bag. I'm also planning the meals to freeze for the first few weeks.

Most importantly, the idea of pushing a human being out of a very sensitive area is scaring the bejesus out of me, especially the possibility of tearing and an episiotomy.

"Don't worry. After the drugs you won't feel it."

That's not what scares me. What scares me is doing #1 and #2 and the horizontal mambo later on. I'm fairly certain I can withhold doing the mambo for a while but #1 and #2 are bodily functions even my fetus is doing right now. It's going to be inevitable.

"Do not do anything without your peri bottle."

Trust me, I've heard that next to the anesthesiologist, my peri bottle will be my next best friend. If I have to, I'll sling that thing around like it was my water bottle.

The food preparation is a new thing that started today. It dawned on me that I will probably desire home cooked food the first few weeks. My husband's idea of taking care of dinner is ordering take out. That's nice on occasion but I'm a home cooked meal gal.

Last night, I had a late evening meeting and didn't come home until 8pm. Usually, even if I have a late meeting, I go home and prepare supper. It's just the norm. Hubby could be home. He will walk the dogs but he generally doesn't make the meals.

I was so pooped last night though. We compromised. While he was at the gym, I made some fresh pasta sauce and prepared some ground beef.

I then took a nice shower and let the massager run on my lower back. The massaging part of the shower is the best thing a pregnant girl could have.

By the time I was basting myself with the cocoa butter and vitamin e, hubby started the water for the pasta and took a shower.

I set the table and when he came out of the shower, he made the pasta and served dinner.

It made dinner less of a one man show and I felt it wasn't a chore. I was beginning to feel this was a bit one sided.

My normal routine as of late is as follows:

Come home
Walk dogs
Feed dogs
Move car (if necessary)
Check mail
Prepare recyclables for hubby
Prepare load of laundry for hubby
Prepare dinner
Set table (or ask hubby to set table depending on where he is)
Serve dinner
Pack lunches
Prepare dishwasher

Don't get me wrong; hubby does help out. He takes the dogs in the AM (most days) and late night. He does the laundry (I fold he does everything else). He takes out the recyclables and the trash. He even cleans Z-girl's stinky ears (allergies).

That's when it dawned on me I should make a ton of stuff, freeze it with instructions for hubby to help me since I'm just getting bigger and more tired and for after the baby is born.

I know I can't do my regular routine after the baby is born so whatever he can do would be great.

So far I have ideas such as making a ton of pasta sauce and mac and cheese sauce and freezing it. That way, hubby only needs to pull the bag out, stick it in some boiling water, make the pasta and serve.

I also plan to make chicken rollatinis and tenders and stash those in the freezer for baking later.

I was thinking about even making his favorite chocolate chip cherry coolies, shaping them into balls and stashing them in the freezer. When he is ready for a treat, he can grab a few, pop them in the oven and voila fresh oven baked cookies from scratch.

So I started making my list of meals and stuff I should stash in the freezer and pantry. I'm going to make an extra batch of pancake mix so we can have fresh pancakes for breakfast. I'll also stash some frozen berries so we can have berry sauce with the pancakes.

I know. I know. I'm probably going overboard. I just know I'll get extra cranky by the 5th day of diner food. Plus, it probably will be cheaper for me to pre-make meals than pay for take out all the time.

Am I being too Martha Stewart? Mothra has been gone for a while so I guess this is a sign I may be resorting back to my crazy self soon. Lord help my husband and daughter. lol.