Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There was a time when soda for breakfast sounded cool


I had my fasting glucose test today. This doctor prefers to get a fasting level and a 1 hour level. Therefore I went 12 hours without food or water. Ok, I had a half a glass of water.

Mom went with me to my prenatal visit and glucose test. I think she liked it

30 minutes after ingesting the sweet syrup, I felt lightheaded and woozy. Miss Bean was bouncing off my walls and I started feeling as if I was hitting a sugar high.

60 minutes later, I’m definitely bouncing off the walls. They take my blood and I beeline to the nearest diner for some protein. Mom whips out a thermos of soup for me and two small plastic containers.

mom: “I made you soup just in case.”

pg: “Cool, thanks mom but I really want protein. What’s in the box?”

mom: “Chinese sweet rolls.”

I love my mom but what made her think sweet rolls would be what a pregnant woman who hasn’t eaten in 12+ hours except for a 50g of orange sugar water want.

I smiled and packed them in my bag to eat later and drove to the diner.

What I have learned is I do not fare well with only sugar in my body. My brain turns to mush. I’ll look at you and see you talking to me but I can’t compute anything.

By hour 4, I started crashing hard. I was yawning left and right and I was trying desperately to fight Pregasauraus.

It doesn’t help that the office had a few emergencies so I’ve been on the computer working on them since I got back from dropping my mom off.

I definitely need a saline drip and a nap in order to push this groggy sugary down out of my body.