Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day. If only they had $3.14 sales.


It has been an incredibly long week for me but my husband helped me end it on a high note.
We finally purchased Miss Bean’s crib. It will arrive in 8 to 12 weeks.

Thank your dad. He decided part of his bonus should go to you. I hope you like it Miss Bean.

Your dad and mom went through a ton of books and visited many stores and finally agreed on this one. I don’t think dad was ready for the sticker shock. Let’s just put it to you this way, thank goodness we choose a convertible crib because if Dad had his way, you’d be using this bed until you can afford your own ‘Big Girl’ bed.

Your dad did impress me with his knowledge of mattresses. As the salesman explained the ‘newest’ technology in mattresses for tots, Dad countered some of his arguments and even asked extremely knowledgeable questions.

Now I’d like to decorate your bed with one of those pretty bed settings but in all honesty, I don’t need everything that comes in a set. Plus, it’s not like you can use the quilt and other stuff that comes in it. It’s safer to keep is bare bones until you are a bit older. I will be honest thought I find this setting very tempting.

I’ve picked out all cotton sheets for you. I think I’ll make the bed skirt and some wall hangings with the design. That should do it. There isn’t a need to spend $$$ on bedding, especially bedding that isn’t 100% cotton.

I’m trying very hard not to fall for the gimmicky stuff and stay realistic. A few dollars saved in an unneeded item can go towards the stuff you will need later on. Plus I can buy more books for you.

Yes, I know, I’m starting a collection of books extremely early. Some people buy baby clothes, I buy books. I have 8 books bought especially for you and 8 other books I kept from when I was little. I have a list of other books I’d like to get for you. I had forgotten how much I liked this book when I was a little girl. It’s called The Hundred Dresses. You are still too young for it but when you are old enough, we can read it together.

For now and until you’re old enough, Dad and I will continue to read short 5 minutes stories to you.